Haiku/PowerSchool Learning

Haiku/PowerSchool is a Learning Management System that is used by teachers as a virtual extension of their classroom. Teachers build Haiku/PowerSchool classes and add pages containing content blocks ranging from text to multimedia. Teachers will use the content to inform and teach the students. Teachers can also create environments within Haiku to allow for rich discussion, collaborative works spaces, and assignment submissions.

If you cannot login or see the correct class(es), hover over "HELP" and select "Contact Tustin Unified School District." An email will be automatically sent to the Haiku administrator, and he will troubleshoot your issue.

Please go to Haiku/PowerSchool Learning to log into the system.

Online Access from Home

The iPad devices and Toshiba laptops are designed to provided filtered Internet access for students outside of school. For home WiFi connections to work properly, you must open the following ports from the ISP and home networking equipment:



80 (http)

443 (https)

For assistance getting an iPad device to connect online at home, please view the instructions. Para Español clic aquí.

Students will need an Apple ID if they enable "Find my iPad" to track their iPad if it is lost.

If you are still unable to find what you need, please email Tustin Unified at

Device Insurance Information

Two companies offer insurance for TUSD Connect Devices. Links for each company are included below.

Please view the device repairs and insurance information for details.

Parent Technology Training Video