Policies & Procedures


Attendance Guidelines

Regular attendance is essential to your student's success in school. The California Education Code, Section 48200, makes full time education compulsory for children from ages six to sixteen. It is the legal responsibility of parents/guardians to see their school-aged children attend school every day, unless they have a valid excuse. Family trips during the school year are strongly discouraged. Each day that a student misses instruction negatively impacts his/her learning. Please plan trips during the school breaks only.


The school day begins at 7:50 AM and ends at 2:29 PM except Late Start Wednesday, which starts at 8:50 AM and ends at 2:29 PM. Students must be in their classrooms by 7:50 AM and will be considered tardy if they arrive after that time. Students are requested to arrive on campus no earlier than 7:30 AM and stay no later than 2:45 PM.


If a student needs to leave school early, a parent/guardian must come to the office and sign the student out. Students will be dismissed from their classroom and released once the parent/guardian has arrived and signed out the students. To protect all students, students may only be released to people that have been listed on their Emergency Contacts.


When your child is absent, you need to notify the school office regarding the reason for the absence. A note, phone call, or office visit from the parent/guardian listing the date and reason for the absence are acceptable ways to have your student’s absence cleared. Absences should be cleared within 3-5 days upon return to school. Phone call reminders will go home every day until an absence is cleared through the office and/or web site. Please note that all uncleared absences will default to a cut/truancy within a week of the absence. It is imperative that parent(s)/guardian(s) check AERIES attendance for any errors.


State law dictates the difference between an Excused Absence and an Unexcused Absence. Excused Absences include: student's illness, doctor's appointments, family bereavement, and religious holidays. Unexcused Absences include situations not listed above such as vacation, oversleeping, car trouble, and parent illness. Students who do not contact the office regarding their absence will be marked unexcused. Students with a poor attendance record will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board. Students who are not in attendance for one or more periods will receive a phone call home.

*Students with excessive absences/tardies will be required to attend a Student Attendance Review Team conference and be placed on an Attendance Contract.


Students are considered tardy when they are not in their seats when the bell rings. Random tardy sweeps will occur throughout the year. During a tardy sweep, teachers will lock their doors when the tardy bell rings, students will report to a Staff member and will be assigned a lunch or after school detention. Students arriving 10 minutes after the morning tardy bell must report to the office for a tardy slip before reporting to class. Consequences for tardies are as follows:

  1. Three tardies in a week to any class will result in a one-hour detention.
  2. Ten tardies in a month will result in a 2-hour block detention.
  3. During tardy sweeps, students will automatically be assigned a lunch or after school detention.

Book Replacement Policy

Welcome to the Library Media Center (LMC) at C. E. Utt Middle School. The mission of the TUSD libraries is to provide materials in various formats that promote effective use of information and create a lifelong love of learning and reading. Your student will be assigned a set of textbooks for classes in which they are enrolled. He or she also has the opportunity to check out library books and conduct research in the LMC.

Students are responsible for keeping library and textbooks in good condition and returning them when they are due. Textbooks are due at the end of the semester or school year depending on the class. Library books must be returned within 2 weeks of the date they were checked out. Students may renew their book for a further two weeks if it is brought to the library for renewal.

All textbooks and library books are the property of TUSD and a student ID card is required for all checkouts. Books returned damaged are subject to the fines listed below. Students who fail to return books or pay fines may be restricted from school activates or may be unable to register for fall semester in accordance with TUSD Board Policy #5125.4.


Damage beyond normal use and/or missing bar code .........................................................................................................................................$5.00
(This includes but is not limited to torn pages, defaced pages, bent covers, and damaged spine.)

Damage to front and/or back cover that requires rebinding ........................................................................................................................ $15.00


Damage rendering the book unusable .........................................................................................................................................List Price + 7.75% tax
(This includes but is not limited to lost book, torn/missing pages, and water damage.)

For an up to date price list of textbooks, please visit the TUSD website at

If a book is found after a payment has been made, your fine will be refunded providing it has been no longer than 365 days and the book is in good condition.


All students receive the Library Media Center Use and Conduct Policy in their registration packet. This policy must be signed and agreed to by all students. The C.E. Utt Middle School administration reserves the right to revoke these privileges at any time.

For Book Replacement Policy in Spanish, please view Bibliotecas del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tustin.

Bullying Policy

Tustin Unified School District Board Policy (5131.2) prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying.

An aggressive behavior that is intentional repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Bullying can take many forms (both direct and indirect), such as hitting or punching, teasing or name-calling, intimidation through gestures, social exclusion and sending or posting insulting messages or pictures by cell phone or online.


The use of Modern Communication Technologies (including but not limited to e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, chat rooms, blogs, websites, social networking sites, cell phones, tablets, computers and other forms of technology) to intentionally embarrass, humiliate, threaten or intimidate an individual or group in an attempt to gain power or control.


  • Report any instances of suspected bullying involving you or a fellow student to a teacher, counselor or school administrator as soon as possible.
  • If you witness bullying behavior, intervene (if it is safe to do so) or help to stop the behavior as soon as it occurs. Peer-to-peer early intervention is proven to be effective in reducing bullying.
  • Students should not listen to rumors, should not engage in rumors, and should not listen to or say anything mean to or about anyone. This is a form of bullying (“relational”). Bullying is not tolerated at C.E. Utt Middle School.


  • Specific type of aggression: a) verbal, b) physical, c) psychological
  • Behavior is intended to harm or disturb
  • Carried out repeatedly and over time
  • Imbalance of power: a) physical, b) psychological

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not to be used at any time while on campus (inside the gates) before or after school. If a phone is visible, without the explicit permission of an adult, it will be confiscated, along with the student’s ID card, and returned ONLY to a parent/guardian on the student’s approved contact list. If the student does not have an ID card, he/she must purchase one in order to retrieve the phone. If a student feels he/she must communicate with an adult via cell phone, he/she may do so in the office. Please be mindful of this policy when communicating with your student via cell phone. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

The school/district will not be responsible for the loss or theft of a cell phone.

Consequences for violating the cell phone policies are as follows:

  • First Offense: Cell phone confiscated and returned to parent.
  • Second Offense: Above, plus detention assigned.
  • Third Offense: Above, plus student and parent conference, and detention
  • Fourth Offense: Above, plus proper placement on the Utt Behavior Contract.
  • Fifth Offense: Above, plus possible suspension based on Utt Behavior Contract.

Dress Code Policy

Tustin Unified School District has determined policy and appropriate standards for student dress.

Student Dress Codes are established to:

  • Promote learning
  • Promote a productive safe instructional environment
  • Demonstrate a positive direction away from gangs, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Promote proper school etiquette, cultural awareness, and respect gender

The dress code is in effect during school hours, at extracurricular activities, with possible exceptions for special school related events. Utt and the Tustin Police Department will constantly review changes in the attire and make the appropriate adjustments throughout the year. In the case of no available loaners, parents may be called to bring a change of clothes or to take their child home to change clothes.

Violations of the school dress code will be addressed as follows:

  • First Offense: Warning, change into loaner clothes, inappropriate clothes will be confiscated and returned to the student after school.
  • Second Offense: Referral, detention, change into loaner clothes, inappropriate clothes will be confiscated and returned to the student.
  • Third Offense: Referral, detention, change into loaner clothes, inappropriate clothes will be confiscated and returned to parent. Parents will be informed of ramifications of fourth offense.
  • Fourth Offense: Referral, detention, inappropriate clothes will be confiscated and returned to parent. Parents will be informed of ramifications of fifth offense.
  • Fifth Offense: Above, plus proper placement on the Utt Behavior Contract.

A student’s dress and general appearance should not draw undue attention, nor detract from or interfere with learning in the classroom or the discipline in the school.

To eliminate misunderstandings in the dress code regulations, the following dress standard will be enforced:

All clothing must fit appropriately.


  • No tight/revealing shirts (undergarments showing, see-through, low cut).
  • No spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, tube tops, or shirts with less than one inch straps.
  • No bare-backed, halter, swimwear tops, “underwear style” or see-through shirts.
  • Shirts must always cover the midriff area and undergarments must never show. Remember to consider your body movements.
  • Shirts may not be longer than your fingertips with arms extended downward. Longer shirts must be tucked in.


  • Pants and shorts must be fitted at and worn at the waist with no exposed undergarments. Pants/shorts may not exceed more than two sizes of the student’s actual size. Remember to consider your body movements.
  • No short-shorts (inseam less than 3 inches). Shorts must always cover one’s self and undergarments must never show. Remember to consider your body movements.
  • No holes, slits or splits in pants or shorts above what would be considered the “short-shorts” line. Holes in pants or shorts should be no higher than the bottom of the pocket’s line or at a reasonable height and must always cover one’s self and undergarments must never show.
  • No micro-mini skirts or dresses (skirts/dresses must be longer than fingertips of extended arms and hands).
  • Hems must be sewn, no frayed, split or pinned legs. Pants may not drag on the ground.
  • No excessively long, untied, or dangling belts.
  • Overall straps must be worn over the shoulders and buttoned.


  • Footwear which is safe for school activities must be worn at all times. Heels/wedges are NOT allowed (including promotion). While sandals or “flip flops” are welcome during the day, athletic shoes and socks must be worn during PE; make sure to have these with you.


  • No plain white t-shirts.
  • No oversized tan, gray, or black cotton work pants.
  • No clothing with professional or college sports logos identified by law enforcement as gang related.
  • No clothing or jewelry associated with ‘tagging’ or with gang symbols.
  • No trench coats, combat boots worn with flight jackets, chains (including wallet chains), or bandanas.
  • No clothing or jewelry may be worn with suggestive or questionable language and/or drawings oriented toward violence, degrading cultures, ethnicity, gender, religion, ethnic values or glorifying sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • No hats or head coverings (unless medically or religiously required or Utt spirit wear) including hoods.
  • No safety pins, chains, studded or riveted jewelry or accessories.
  • Jewelry that is determined to be dangerous for PE must be removed before class.
  • Belts may not dangle and may not have initial buckles or buckles with sharp edges.
  • No clothing or jewelry deemed inappropriate or gang related, as concluded by school administration or law enforcement agencies.


Clothing, apparel, and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia that is crude, vulgar, profane, demeaning, sexually suggestive, or which advocates or promotes racial, ethnic, religious, sexual prejudice or strife, or which pertains to the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol:

  • No sex/sexual comments/innuendos
  • No drugs or references to drugs (hemp, marijuana leaf, 4:20, etc.)
  • No tobacco products names or trademarks
  • No liquor products or bar names or
  • trademarks/logos
  • No depicting a person engaged in illegal activities (tagging, weapons, etc.)
  • No sleep wear or slippers
  • No hats other than school authorized hats
  • No hoods (unless in common areas on rainy days)
  • No visible tattoos
  • No facial piercings of any kind (nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow, plugs, etc.)
  • No personal writing/tagging on backpacks

PE clothing may only be worn during PE class.

Parent support encourages students to dress appropriately. What is considered appropriate attire may change as fashion trends change. Parents may call the school at any time for clarification prior to purchase of fad clothing for school attire.

If students attend school dressed inappropriately, they will be asked to change into their P.E. clothes or loaners for the remainder of the day. The confiscated clothing will only be released to the parent. Repeat violators will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Drug and Alcohol Violations

Students who possess, use, or are under the influence of any controlled substance (drug), alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind, or who possess or sell any drug paraphernalia (equipment used for the taking of drugs) shall be suspended from school for 5 days and shall be involuntarily transferred, or suspended for 2 days and participate in a 3- day intervention program, “Project Today,” and be involuntarily transferred, or recommended for expulsion depending upon the seriousness of the offense [E.C. 48900(c), 48915(a)]. Students who appear to be under the influence of alcohol are subject to a breathalyzer test.

iPad and Device Policy

All students are issued a device to be used for instructional purposes for the entire school year. Students are responsible for the device and parents/guardians may purchase insurance:

  • Students may use devices in classrooms or the library.
  • Devices are never allowed to be used outside, including before or after school.
  • Only apps approved by TUSD should be loaded onto these devices. Games are not allowed to be played during school.

Consequences for violating the iPad/device policies:

  • First Offense: Warning and parent signature.
  • Second Offense: Detention assigned and parent signature on referral required.
  • Third Offense: Student must check-in and check-out his or her device to the library daily. Student will not be allowed to take device home for a specified amount of time. It will be up to student and parent to work out a time for homework (needing a device) to be done in the library.
  • Fourth Offense: Restrictions will be placed on the device so that student may not download anything other than TUSD app store. Library check-in and check-out will also still be in place.
  • Fifth Offense: Above, plus proper placement on the Utt Behavior Contract.

Special Deliveries & Campus Visitors


It is the responsibility for each student to remember all books, lunches, and assignments. However, in the event a parent deems it necessary to drop off an item, the office staff will hold the item in the office. Students may come to the office at nutrition or during lunch to retrieve it. Before dropping off an item, please take into consideration that notifications of special deliveries interrupt class, stop instruction, and take office personnel from their tasks. For those reasons, students will not be notified of items left for them in the office.

  • Non-Parent Deliveries

Deliveries to students from outside companies (such as food deliveries or flowers) will not be accepted in the office. Delivery for these services will be refused.

  • Birthday Policies

Nutrition Service and School Wellness policies do not allow for birthday treats to be had on campus. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. must not come on to campus for student birthday celebrations. Balloons are also not allowed on the campus. They may remain in the front office if needed.


All visitors to Utt must first check in at the front office before entering the campus. After signing in, you will be given a visitor’s pass. Following the visit, visitors need to check out in the front office.

Statement of Non-Discrimination (Declaración de no Discriminación)

(Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, § 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973)

The Tustin Unified School District does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race or ethnicity, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, veteran or military status, medical condition, pregnancy and related conditions, retaliation, or political beliefs; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. The District will take steps to assure that the lack of English will not be a barrier to admission and participation in District programs. A copy of the District’s nondiscrimination policy is available from the Tustin Unified School District Office.

The following position is designated Coordinator for Nondiscrimination at Utt Middle School to handle complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, and to answer inquiries regarding the District’s nondiscrimination policies:

Dawn Lam

Assistant Principal

13601 Browning Avenue Tustin, CA 92780


Any student who feels that he/she has been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying should immediately contact the Coordinator, the principal, or any other staff member. In addition, any student who observes any such incident should report the incident to the Coordinator or principal, whether or not the victim files a complaint.

Any school employee who observes an incident of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying or to whom such an incident is reported shall report the incident to the Coordinator or principal, whether or not the victim files a complaint.

(Título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, Título IX de las Enmiendas de Educación de 1972, § 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973)

El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tustin no discrimina en ninguna práctica de empleo, programa educativo, o actividad educativa por razones de raza, color, ascendencia, origen nacional, grupo étnico, edad, religión, estado civil o de paternidad, discapacidad física o mental, sexo, orientación sexual, género, identidad o expresión de género, información genética, estado militar o de veterano, condición médica, embarazo y condiciones relacionadas, la venganza, o creencias políticas; la percepción de una o más de tales características; o asociación con una persona o grupo con una o más de estas características actuales o percibidas. El Distrito tomará medidas para asegurar que la falta del idioma inglés no será una barrera para la admisión y participación en los programas del Distrito. Una copia de la política de no discriminación está disponible en la Oficina del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tustin.

La siguiente posición es designada como el Coordinador de No Discriminación en C.E. Utt Escuela Secundaria para tramitar las quejas relacionadas respecto a la discriminación, acoso, intimidación o bullying y para responder a las preguntas acerca de la política de no discriminatoria del Distrito:

Dawn Lam

Sub Directora

Oficina Administrativa


Cualquier alumno que sienta que él/ella ha sido objeto de discriminación, acoso, intimidación o bullying debe comunicarse inmediatamente con el Coordinador, director o cualquier otro miembro del personal. Además, cualquier alumno que observe cualquier incidente de este tipo debe reportar el incidente al Coordinador o director, aunque la victima presente una queja o no.

Cualquier empleado escolar que observe un incidente de discriminación, acoso, intimidación o bullying o la persona al que se le informó de un incidente de este tipo debe reportar el incidente con el Coordinador o director, aunque la victima presente una queja o no.

Student Expectations


  • Be responsible for your own behavior, actions, and choices.
  • Respect the rights and belongings of others.
  • Hands off – no fighting, hitting, pushing, grabbing, kicking, or display of affection (hugging, holding hands, etc.).
  • To ensure the safety of all students there will be no running, no bikes, no skateboards, or scooters on campus.
  • There is no gum chewing, spitting, or eating in class.
  • Dress for academic success – refer to our dress code guidelines.


We believe that a sound educational program must insist upon academic honesty. In the classroom we strive to develop a respect for the dignity of the group and the individual. We encourage self-confidence and personal integrity by insisting on the importance of doing one’s own work and establishing consequences for using another person’s ideas and words as one’s own. Therefore, cheating on tests, fabrication, unauthorized collaboration, plagiarism, forgery, and computer tampering will not be permitted. Consequences for violating the Utt Academic Honesty Policy are:

  • First Offense:
  1. Receives “F” or zero points for assignment
  2. Parents are contacted by the teacher
  • Second Offense:
  1. Receives “F” or zero points for assignment
  2. Detention
  3. Proper placement on the Utt Behavior Contract
  • Third Offense:
  1. May be withdrawn from class with “F” in the course
  2. Parent conference
  3. Proper placement on the Utt Behavior Contract


Understand that substitute teachers hold an equal amount of authority as your teacher. You must follow all rules that apply when your teacher is in the classroom. Do not take advantage of your substitute by asking for privileges that do not usually apply.

Other Policies


Parking Lot Procedures


  • All vehicles must follow posted road/traffic signs.
  • U-turns are not allowed on Browning Avenue.
  • No stopping signs are clearly posted for the red curbs. Please note that this does not mean a quick drop-off or pick-up; this means NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME. Vehicles may not stop for any reason in front of the school along Browning Avenue. Tustin Police will ticket in this area.
  • Please refrain from crossing Browning Avenue. The cross-walk at Bryan Ave or the one at Parkview Way should be used at all times.


  • Enter in the "Enter Only" portion of the lot near the Activities Center on the corner of Bryan and Browning.
  • Two lanes are designated for parent use:
  1. Lane 1 is the lane nearest Browning Ave and the first lane when you enter the parking lot. Vehicles using this lane will be required to turn left onto Browning Ave when exiting the parking lot.
  2. Lane 2 is the middle lane of the three in the parking lot. This lane is not for parent use; except for handicapped parking only. This lane is to be used for staff parking only.
  3. Lane 3 is the lane nearest the school. Students should only be dropped off curbside by exiting the right side of the vehicle. DO NOT drop them off in the middle of a lane to walk through traffic. Please also note that a certain portion of this area is for bus loading/unloading only. Please be respectful of the buses as they are bringing students to the school every morning.
  • Much of our parking lot is painted with red curbs and is reserved for emergency vehicles only. Do not leave your vehicle unattended as Tustin Police may ticket your vehicle. If you need to park, please do so in a marked stall or on Browning Avenue.


  • Enter in the "Enter Only" portion of the lot near the Activities Center on the corner of Bryan and Browning.
  • Two lanes are designated for parent use:
  1. Lane 1 is the lane nearest Browning Ave and the first lane when you enter the parking lot. Vehicles using this lane will be required to turn left on to Browning Ave when exiting the parking lot. Parents waiting in vehicles for their child may do so if space is available.
  2. Lane 2 is the middle lane of the three in the parking lot. This lane is not for parent use; except for handicapped parking only. This lane is to be used for staff parking only. DO NOT wait in this lane to pick up your child.
  3. Lane 3 is the lane nearest the school. This lane can fit three cars wide in some areas. The middle area should always be used as a drive-thru lane. DO NOT PICK-UP in this middle lane. Portions of the curbside area are reserved for bus loading/unloading only. Do not stop in these areas before 2:30 PM.
  • Much of our parking lot is painted with red curbs and is reserved for emergency vehicles only. Do not leave your vehicle unattended as Tustin Police may ticket your vehicle. If you need to park, please do so in a marked stall or on Browning Avenue.
  • Students have many ways to exit campus. Those looking to walk on the Browning Avenue sidewalk towards the Activities Center will be asked to use the sidewalk entrance near the Activities Center.

Report Student Absence

If your student is absent from school, please call the attendance line at (714) 730-7573 ext. 84102. Leave a message including your name, your child's first and last name, and the date and reason for the absence. You must call each day your child is absent. You can also report an absence by emailing Mrs. Ortega at or completing a Student Absence Form online. It is important that notification be given to the school as soon as possible. All absences that are not cleared within 3 days will be marked as a cut on the student's attendance record.


Important Notices

Please review this document before contacting support center or school site as it addresses most of the requests we receive.

  • We recommend using the CHROME browser (regardless of device) to access the TUSD Portal. It has the fewest reported issues regarding certificates, cookies, server errors, and confirmations for online enrollment and parent data confirmations.
  • We also recommend not using an AOL email account as Tustin is often black listed by AOL.COM. You will not receive emails from Tustin when that happens.
  • We do not recommend using a small mobile device for completing the Parent Data Confirmation screens or performing student re-registration.

To Receive a Portal Account

Portal accounts are automatically generated when an email is associated with the student’s record. This is done for both student and parent portal accounts. Please contact your school office staff and give them the email you wish to use as your portal account login. Make sure it is the same one you have used for any other children you have enrolled in our district.

To Add Additional Student(s) to Your Existing Parent Account

  • Please contact the school and request the email is the same for each of your students under the Parent’s email. This will automatically link the students in our system under the one account.
  • For both Parents to have access to each student, one of the parents' email address needs to be the same under the Contacts for each of their students.

To Change Email Associated with Account

Login with your current portal email and click Options, Change Email.

Requesting Changes to Information Displayed in Portal

We are working on allowing more modifications to the information displayed in the Portal. Meanwhile, if the system doesn’t accept the data changes you require, please submit requests to your student’s school office staff. For security purposes, Portal Help doesn't make changes to your student’s data and will be unable to process those requests.

** Please note: Only Parents can change portal email addresses, students must use their accounts. **

Adding/Modifying Contact Information

Changing or adding contact information for your student is available through the Data Confirmation menu option (not the Contacts option). For further instructions on updating information, please see the Online Reregistration instructions.

Deletion of Account Requests

You may request the removal of a Portal Account if:

  • You are the parent/guardian of student on record, AND
  • The account to be removed is not another parent/guardian.

Certificate Errors

Please see this document if you are running Safari on a MAC and are experiencing certificate/server errors. However, the recommendation is to use a different browser like Chrome of FireFox.

School of Choice Student Transfer

Please visit the 2019-20 TUSD Transfers page on the Tustin Unified School District website for more information.