Principal's Message

Happy Springtime! We are entering the final trimester for this school year with true joy in learning and pride in our accomplishments! If you don’t believe me, come visit during our Open House on May 10th! Classrooms and various locations around campus abound with all the good work going on at Tustin Ranch Elementary.Robotics and coding camp have been exciting addition to the curriculum this year.

Sometimes we think that all our children need to be successful are the old-fashioned 3 R’s of “reading”, “writing”, and “arithmetic”.We now know that the new 4 C’s of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication are the skills children need to be successful in becoming college and career ready.In Tustin Unified, we are very fortunate to also have the technology tools to help support student learning. However, there is one more critical piece-children need to hear the message that education and school is valuable: through education, people can shape their own future.So, talk about learning, share the fun and excitement of gaining new skills-in technology, athletics, the arts, or in the classroom. Show your child that you are always learning too. Read aloud, play games, and talk about events around the block and around the world.When we give our children the support and information they need, and expect them to do well, they do better in school and in life!

Please help me in recognizing two individuals for their outstanding contributions to the learning happening here at Tustin Ranch.Kristin Huff, has been recognized as our school’s Teacher of the Year and Laura Hall, data clerk, has been recognized as our Classified Employee of the Year.I, myself, was flattered to be recognized, not only as Orange County Principal of the Year but also a top 25 California Administrator. Our school has a strong team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to provide your children with a top-notch education.

We have many exciting opportunities to showcase our learning this year, I hope to see you on campus often this Spring-let’s hop to it!


Tracy Barquer