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Tustin Ranch Elementary

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Tustin Ranch Elementary opened in 1995 and was the first of the “Ranch” style schools in the Tustin Unified School District.  We serve approximately 550 students and we are the home of the Cool Coyotes. Our mascot is “Rocky the Cool Coyote,” a name the students selected in 2011. We have a uniquely positive school climate that is a result of dynamic teaching, strong community involvement and an outstanding student body.

Curricular Focus

The teachers of Tustin Ranch implement researched-based teaching practices based on their ongoing study of best educational practices and Social Thinking. Our curriculum consists of Writing and Reading Workshop, phonics and phonemic awareness instruction, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) and Number Sense routines in math which support our adopted Math Expressions textbook, hands-on learning with our TWIG Science curriculum, and Social-Emotional Learning practices. Our teachers are passionate about student-centered learning and meeting the diverse needs of all of our Cool Coyotes.

  1. Provide rigorous and challenging curriculum in all subjects
  2. Provide specific and focused intervention and enrichment in reading through differentiated instruction for all students.
  3. Increase reading comprehension
  4. Provide specific and focused intervention/acceleration in math
  5. Continue to implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) through our Cool Coyotes incentive program, our positive behavior assemblies, and our school wide behavior plan

Active Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Active parent involvement is a key ingredient to the success of Tustin Ranch Elementary. Through our supportive PTA we are able to supplement our children's educational experience with enriching programs in art, music, science, history, language arts and athletics. Furthermore, our PTA supports Tustin Ranch with important technology updates so our children have access to current technology in our STEAM Lab, "Rocky's Den." 

There are many ways to become actively involved at Tustin Ranch. The easiest way to show your support is to join our PTA during the Fall Membership Drive. Please look for the PTA Membership Drive Flyer in the First Day Packet. Joining Paws for the Cause also supports all our amazing enrichment programs.

Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

The Tustin Ranch Cool Coyotes continue to thrive with the school-wide implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System). At Tustin Ranch, expected behavior is taught, and students are rewarded for exhibiting excellent behavior with Cool Coyote cards which they can use to purchase several prizes at our Cool Coyote Store. In addition to teaching appropriate behavior at different locations on campus, our students are also taught how to respond to inappropriate behavior when it is directed at them or a classmate. This system, which is universally taught to all of our students, is as easy as Stop, Walk, and Talk. This bullying prevention technique focuses on giving the students tools to address disrespectful behavior in an assertive, yet productive way. Our Cool Coyotes love being recognized for their excellent behavior!