Bell Schedule

Details to know:

  • Full day return is Thursday, 4/29
  • Kinder start/end times will be 8:15-1:45 (students will have a recess and lunch time).
  • 1st-5th start/end times will remain 8:25-2:35. Students will have a lunch and recess.
  • All academic instruction will occur in the morning. In the afternoon, teachers will support hybrid students with asynchronous work, teach PE, art, etc. *There is no livestreaming in the afternoon.
  • Wednesdays will remain the same for all students. 9-9:45 google meet whole group, 9:45-12:00 asynchronous, 1:1, small group, assessment, etc.
  • Drop off at TMA & Adams Gate will begin at 8:05 am. Please pull forward as far as possible before unloading & have backpacks, etc. ready (not in the trunk). This allows the line to flow smoothly.
  • The driveway will not be open during pick-up. Please allow time to park and walk up to meet your child. *Parents must meet your child on the TMA school side of the street. NO CHILDREN WILL BE ALLOWED TO CROSS BROWNING W/OUT AN ADULT @ DISMISSAL.


Masks are still to be worn at school (no gaiter style masks). While eating, students must still maintain 6ft. social distancing. In class, students maintain a 3 ft. distance.