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(Announced to students school-wide, daily, at 3rd Period)

Friday, October 19, 2018
MWF Regular Bell Schedule


Attention all fall sport athletes: and anyone else who is interested in joining the wrestling program for a championship season. The Wrestling program's final enrollment period is this week. See Coach Seals in room 222 during nutrition break to join wrestling.

THS Girls Soccer Try-outs are scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd through Thursday, October 25th from 2:00pm-4:15 pm at the THS North Athletic Fields by the San Juan Gate. A Team Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 26th from 2:00 to 3:30pm.

  • Each player must present a current academic progress report dates 10/23/18 to Coach Jim.

  • All players must have completed a physical and have insurance before trying out. Physical packets and insurance forms are available from the Athletic Director, Athletic Secretary in Room 607, on the THS website or at the Front Office.
  • It is recommended that players bring soccer shoes, shin guards, soccer shorts and a t-shirt.
  • If you have questions please contact Coach Jim and leave a message at 714-730-7414 at extension 87101.

Girls Water Polo Tryouts: are on Friday, October 26. Prior to trying out, All players must have completed a physical, and a physical packet and have insurance. Bring a one piece bathing suit and towel.

Tryouts will consist of a swimming test. All prospective athletes will need to be able to demonstrate the ability to swim 50 yards of freestyle without touching the bottom, 25 yards of backstroke and the ability to do a back float for 2 mins without sinking under or having to swim. This is the absolute minimum requirements and if students don’t make the team you can still come out for the no cut swim season to learn all of this and try out for next season. If you have any questions, please see Coach Brawley at the pool.


Titan Tutors: Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Tutors program provides FREE tutoring services to the Tillers every Monday through Thursday after school until 4:30pm! Drop in to rooms 412 and 415 with your English and Math questions.


Senior Diploma Signature Card: Seniors- It is time for you to complete the Google form for your high school diploma. We need to order your diplomas in early January. Please help us out by completing the Senior Diploma Signature card on the #SENIORSEVERYTHING tab on the THS website.

  • Submit your legal first, middle and last name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate or passport. Your diploma is a legal document, which means it cannot have nicknames, initials, or abbreviations on it.
  • At graduation practice, you will be given a reader card on which you may specify another way to have your name read during the graduation ceremony.
  • Final deadline to submit your diploma information is December 20, 2018. Please see Mrs. Russek in the office if you have any questions!

Senior Make-Up Pictures: Seniors: You have another opportunity to have your Senior Pictures taken for the yearbook. The Make-up dates are: Monday, October 29th, Tuesday, October 30th and Thursday, November 1st from 3:00pm-7:00pm in the THS Library. Sitting fee is $25.00 and more information is in the office.


COLLEGE VISITS continue. Be sure to sign up on Naviance to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities!


Mon, October 22nd

Chapman University


Tue, October 23rd

University of Hawaii at Manoa


Tue, October 23rdSantiago Canyon CollegeLunch
Thu, October 25thDartmouth CollegeLunch


  • Students must carry their School ID Card at all times.
  • No students will be allowed to leave campus without a School ID and an Off-Campus Sticker.
  • Students who are in 9th through 11th grades are to remain on campus until the end of lunch period. (Board Policy 5133).
  • You are only allowed to wear THS hats. All others will be confiscated.
  • Off-Campus applications and stickers are available in the Student Services office.
  • ID cards and Off-Campus stickers replacements fees are $2.
  • Parking permits are now being enforced. If you haven’t done so already, please purchase your parking permit at the student store.

And a “Happy Birthday” shoutout goes to... Charmaigne Berg 20, George Nelson 20, Anoush Khojikian 23, Amy Bledsoe 28, Jennifer Wong 28, Sulamita Ruiz 29, Genesis Hernandez 29.

“Be Respectful. Be engaged. Be determined. Your future depends on it.”

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From the desk of Dr. Tuin, THS Principal
* * *
Del escritorio de Dr. Tuin, Director de THS

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Although meant to be a generally light-hearted, fun play (it was), “The Audition” brought some emotionally moving scenes as well. Ms. Markley worked with our Advanced Theater students to present a story of a high school audition experience. There were some relevant back stories of struggles students face woven into the script. A couple of really powerful scenes highlighted destructive adult expectations of students and the stressful and anxious dynamics that creates for them. I was so proud of the work our students did to create a theater experience showcasing their talents and allowing others to celebrate in that.

Related to student stress and anxiety, three teachers and myself participated in a “shadowing” experience this week. We all followed a student for the entire day. The purpose was to understand more deeply the school day from the perspective of a student. I didn’t see how I would be able to carve out a whole day for this project, but I was so grateful for that decision by the end. This is part of our Challenge Success efforts to look at dynamics that might play into unintended stress for students. It was a valuable learning gift for me as a school leader.

I am usually here before 6:45 anyway, but somehow making it to a zero-period class felt early. Maybe because the school is quiet and dark walking to class on a late Fall morning. I met Anaka Mahesh in her class well before the bell. This is her routine. I sat with Anaka, engaged in classes, and followed her throughout the day. I was reminded of what it means to shift gears quickly and totally dive into a topic for 50 minutes as if it were the only focus for the day. Then, I found myself mentally going in a much different direction with a different subject. There were little things that I unexpectedly appreciated throughout the day; When a teacher greeted students at the door or took time to find out about some good things going on in their worlds. Those few minutes helped to bridge the class environments and settle in to the next experience.

Another important activity I did with this was tally the homework load each class period created for Anaka. I would ask her how much homework that class just added to her plate for that night, and then we would move to the next subject. By the end of the day, she unwittingly had accumulated 3 hours of homework. For her that means coming home from tennis practice and matches and getting right to work. Her experience on this day was consistent with our survey. We have two groups of students- There is a cluster of students who does an average of one hour of homework a night, and another group that averages 3 hours a night. Anaka takes several challenging classes like many other students, thus her three hours.

I also was reminded that many of our students do so much beyond classes and homework. Anaka had an important league tennis match that day where she won, as usual. She happens to be the highest rated player in the Empire League since she has beaten all of her league opponents. However, that doesn’t happen on accident. Anaka dedicates countless hours to improving her game. This particular match was significant to her because it was Senior Night for the girls’ tennis team. She shared during the day how much she was going to miss her senior teammates, and I was glad to watch them play their last home game. Anaka also attended two meetings during the school day- Tutorial represented an opportunity for her MUN committee to do some important work in preparation for our upcoming MUN conference. Lunch time offered her the opportunity to attend a Givers United meeting in Mr. Reta’s room. As I reflected on the day, I realized that snack time was the only real down time in her entire day.

I also noted that the day went quickly and was in awe of the incredible learning she was experiencing throughout the day. She worked on developing a visual argumentative piece for saving the ocean in one class, learned about numerous global and current issues in another class, analyzed the differences and similarities of the Jacksonian and Jeffersonian democracies in yet another class, learned about various components like resisters that will lead to programming a form of robotics in another class, gained a deeper understanding of complex formulas to explain friction dynamics from a simulation the day before in another class, and finally solved equations that lead to creating trigonometric graphs depicting asymptotes in her final class of the day. I appreciate the hard work that our teachers and students do every day in the classroom; what a gift it was to experience a whole day in the life of a student!

Anaka isn’t the only student who works hard. Another student who has worked extremely hard over the past four years is senior Chloe Carraway. She is another student who has challenged herself academically, but it was her hard work on the golf course that allowed her to qualify on Tuesday for CIF in league play. This will not be a new experience for her having previously qualified for CIF multiple times, but we are pulling for her to have her best experience so far in CIF next week.

We had another group of young ladies compete in CIF this week. The girls’ volleyball team traveled to Paloma Valley last night in a challenging first round game. Although they didn’t make it to the next round, it has been a solid season of growth for a team that is made up of mostly younger players.

While girls’ volleyball was doing their thing out in the Inland Empire, a host of other activities were occurring on the same evening. Our choir traveled to the Enderle Center on 17th Street for a community performance. We also hosted our annual Report Card night in the Pavilion to give parents an opportunity to make some connections with teachers and get feedback on their child’s work in school. I appreciated connecting with parents for a little while before heading off to watch our Tillers play football.

The outcome of the football game wasn’t what we had hoped, but we still have at least one more game next Friday night at home for Senior Night. As our boys competed out on the field, it was encouraging to have our cheerleaders and band at the game. Both had good energy and added a nice touch to an away game.

I am grateful for so many inspirational experiences in any given week, but there is usually at least one moment each week that is particular touching. That moment happened yesterday during a counselor meeting. Our counselors meet each week to plan, prepare, and do work. They are focused on both school goals and their individual students. They work hard to create a thriving environment for our students that challenges and prepares students for accomplishing their dreams.

Yesterday, one of our students asked to come to the meeting to present an idea- a dream. Faith Fernandez is a senior here at Tustin and participates in our MUN program. She is an extremely articulate and confident young lady that has overcome a great deal academically. She understands her limitations but has also developed her strengths significantly. As she presented her plan for helping students with connecting to college scholarships, I thought about all that she has overcome and all the support she has received. Faith shared her thoughts with precision, passion, and clarity. I was so impressed with how well she communicated with all the adults in the room, catching a glimpse of the kind of impact she is going to have on our world moving forward.

All the classes, activities, and homework are not just something to pass the time. High School is about preparing for the future and transitioning from childhood to adulthood. I had the privilege of observing first hand this week some students who are navigating that transition well. I know adult mentoring, teaching, counseling, leading, and parenting all contribute to the success of our students.

This was another great week to be a Tiller!

Go Tillers!

Dr. Jon Tuin
Tustin High School Principal

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WASC Self-Study

2017-18 Tustin High School Self-Study Report for ACS/WASC/CDE

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2018 College and Career Fair

TUSD College Fair

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Monday, November 5th from 6-8 PM at THS

TUSD is holding its 2018 College and Career Fair on Monday, Nov. 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Tustin High School. The 33rd annual event is open to all TUSD high school students and their parents. Over 90 colleges, universities and military academies will have representatives hand out literature and answer questions about their institutions. Students and parents will be able to gather information on campus locations, curriculum, admissions requirements, tuition and living expenses. There will also be workshops on financial aid, higher education options in California and out-of-state, and NCAA eligibility. Additionally, community colleges, Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and career technical education programs will share their programs with Tustin Unified high school students.

2018 TUSD College & Career Fair Flyer

Voter Registration

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  • Alumni: California Voter Registration for the upcoming election closes on Monday, October 22nd. If you will be 18 years or older by Election Day (11/6), you are eligible to register.
  • Current students: If you are currently 16 or 17 years old, you are eligible to pre-register now to vote when you turn 18.

You can register by going to or by filling out a paper form at your local post office, library, city hall, or the DMV.

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