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Thursday, February 22, 2018
TuTh Tutorial Bell Schedule


CIF: The Girls’ Waterpolo team ended their season yesterday falling to Culver City High School in the CIF Semifinals. Congratulations on an incredible season, Ladies! Let’s go Tillers!

Baseball: The spring season opens this Saturday at 10am at Ocean View High School. Come out to support the Tillers!


HSadies: Hee Haw!! Tustin High is having a “Southern Sadies” in the plaza on March 9th from 7-9pm! Tickets are on sale at the Student Store for $10. They will be $15 at door.

February is the month of heart health awareness. Join us every Friday this month at lunch for a chance to win $50 credit to the Student Store. You can use it to purchase spirit wear, or use the credit for your transportation fees. Come out and participate in our last activity for the month, this Friday (the 23rd), and be entered to win a free prom ticket.

Winter formal pictures are in... you can pick them up at the student store before school, during snack, lunch and after school!

CALLING ALL SINGING SENIORS! If you are a THS Senior and would like to be part of a select group of Singers to perform songs for Reflections and Graduation, please see Mr. Peay in room 604 to sign up. The music you will be performing will be THIS IS ME and A MILLION DREAMS from the Greatest Showman movie. Come join in the first Senior Singing Choir ever at THS. Rehearsals will be during tutorials and/or lunch. Plan NOW to be a part of your graduation! It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the 2018 Senior class Celebration!

Saturday School: will be this Saturday, February 24th from 8am-12pm in the cafeteria.


Cut Cake Not Trees-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 417
D&D Club-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 420
Dominoes-Every other Thurs @ Lunch in Room 805
Gaming Club -Tues & Thurs @ Lunch in Room 325
Geek Gamers Club- Thurs @ lunch in Room 212
Musically Creative Misfits-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 134
Pet Protectors-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 415
Photo Club-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 233
Polynesian Club-First of every month in Room 801
Programming Club/ AP Comp Sci Applications Club-Tues & Thurs @ Lunch in Room 421
Rooted-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 5106
THS Ted Ed-Thurs @ Lunch in Room 702

The Young Americans for Freedom club and Associated Student Body will be hosting an "Early Voter Registration Drive" to all students 16-years-of-age or older. We will have a table with all materials available at lunch today on the outdoor stage in the plaza.


Cap and Gown Orders: Seniors: If you didn’t get a chance to order your cap and gown yet, you have another chance!! Our Josten’s Rep will be on campus on Wednesday, March 14th during snack and lunch only for Make-up Cap and Gown Order Day. You can also order online at the Josten’s website but make sure you do so before February 23rd as the website will be be shut down after that. You may pick up an additional TUSD order sheet or package at the office or student store. If you have any questions, please call Jostens at 714-585-4306.

Senior Munch at Knott’s Berry Farm-Friday, April 6 -Seniors! Pick up your permission slip this week at the Student Store for the Senior Munch at Knott’s Berry Farm! Seniors are required to go to their 0, 1st, and 2nd period classes that morning and will check in at the Old Gym at 9:15am. Students must ride the bus to and from the event. The bus will return to THS at approximately 7:00pm. Presale tickets will cost $35 from February 26-March 9 and $45 from March 12-April 4.

Try-Outs for Graduation and Reflections Speeches/Entertainment: Seniors, are you interested in trying out for Graduation or Reflections speeches? If so, students must sign up for Speech try-outs and musical numbers starting on March 1st at the Student Store. Try-outs for speeches and entertainment will be held the week of April 9th. Students must also provide copies of all song lyrics,music, and speeches on the day of try-out. Students will be notified the week of May 1st, if they have been selected for a Reflections or Graduation speech or performance. Your English Teacher and Mr. Peay will also have information packets regarding the try-outs.

Grad Nite at Six Flags-Thursday, May 31-June 1: Grad Nite Permission slips are available at the Student Store. All graduates must check in prior to loading the bus at Tustin High School’s Cafeteria on May 31, at 6:30pm. All students who attend Grad Nite must ride the bus to and from the event. The Grad Nite party will last until 5:00am the next morning, June 1. Students will arrive back at Tustin High for pick up at 6:30am. Tickets for this celebration are available pre-sale for:

$95.00 during the month of March
$105.00 during the month of April
$115.00 through May 20th
$125.00 from May 21-30
$135.00 on May 31st at the Student Store.

There will be a $5.00 processing fee for all credit card transactions and no checks will be accepted after April 26-only cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, or credit cards will be accepted. Prices are approximate and subject to change. Limited tickets will be available the day of the event at 6:30pm at the student store when check-in begins. Students must present a valid permission slip and $135.00 cash. See the Grad Nite permission slip for more details about the Six Flags Magic Mountain dress code.

Extra Graduation Ticket request: Seniors may request one additional ticket for Graduation, however, additional tickets will be granted based on availability of returned tickets. Graduating Seniors may request an additional ticket on the Google Docs link available on the #SeniorsEverything page on the Tustin High School website.

Outstanding Financial and Detentions Obligations-Seniors, please clear all detentions and financial obligations, including transportation fees (if you have participated in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities), athletic and library obligations. Failure to do so will keep you from buying tickets to the end of the year senior events in April, May and June, along with picking up your 5 graduation tickets and diploma. Please see Mrs. Garcia in the Student Store for your current balance (payment plans are available). Seniors must be cleared from the lists that will be posted on the cafeteria windows at the beginning of May. Please check the lists weekly because names can be added throughout May and June. Any unfulfilled senior obligations, including financial, athletic, library or discipline, will be posted.


Seniors! The deadline to submit your FAFSA is Friday March 2! If you need help in filling out your FAFSA, please see your counselor!

AP Exam Registration: Registration for all AP exams will take place online through February 28th. To register, follow the link to the Total Registration website on the letter you received and on the THS website.

OCC: Only 2 weeks left to sign up for OCC’s placement test and Senior day! Please get your permission slip from Mrs. Sam. We have 25 spots left, so turn in your permission slip as soon as possible!

Cash for College: Santiago Canyon College will be hosting a “Cash for College” workshop for all seniors who still need to complete their financial aid application and need help. The Financial Aid Office and Outreach Department will be helping students complete the FAFSA or Dream Act step-by-step on February 28th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on the SCC campus. They will have Spanish and Chinese speaking staff to help assist, if needed. RSVP by email to

Scholarships: The Tustin Dollars for Scholars program awards multiple renewable scholarships of $1,250 each year. To find out if you are eligible to apply, visit the THS Counseling page ASAP! The deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 28th.

College Visits: No college visits today. Sign up for all upcoming visits on Naviance.


Students, a couple of reminders:

  • There will be Saturday School on February 24th from 8am-12pm in the cafeteria.
  • Students make sure you are following dress code rules. As a reminder, you are only allowed to wear THS hats and/or beanies.


February Birthdays: Brian Caulfield 5, Tyler Watkins 7, Ruth Marroquin 12, Cesar De La Riva 19, Lori Redelsheimer 19, Ali Del Castillo 19, Ly Vu 22

Daily Bulletin Archived issues are available upon request. Please contact the THS Webmaster, Marissa Reyes.


From the desk of Dr. Tuin, THS Principal
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Del escritorio de Dr. Tuin, Director de THS

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Robert Fulghum wrote a very popular book some years ago titled All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten. Based on this week, the book I would write would be All I Really Need to Know I Learned Watching Girls’ Tiller Water Polo. Like the girls’ wrestlers who competed last week in a second level CIF tournament, like the boys’ wrestlers who will compete in a first level of the CIF tournament, and like the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams who both competed in CIF this week, the girls’ water polo competed in a CIF first round game against Webb High School.

Because the girls won their first CIF game (16-9), they were afforded the opportunity to compete in the second round as a home team. We hosted the game at Foothill High School, since our water pump doesn’t come in until this weekend. The game’s relative proximity meant that not only I could attend, but other Tustin High School students, parents and friends could as well. As both teams warmed up in the pool, there was evidence of extra energy towards this formidable foe, Valley View High School. Valley View had a record of 20 to 10 coming into the game, and the OC Register picked them as the clear favorite. Our girls were playing at their highest level, but their 11 to 10 record suggested it would be a difficult opponent.

The game started quickly and Valley View scored on the first possession. The ease at which they scored looked ominous. Their record and ability to advance in CIF became obvious very quickly. Our girls showed that they were going to battle, but it didn’t take long before the score was 1 – 4. Three goals down seemed like a huge lead- especially watching the flow of the game. Another key point was when the score was 2-6; it seemed like a turning point. Our girls could either start to figure out a way to get back into the game, or they could allow the game to get out of reach. Knowing the character of the Tillers in the pool, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see them amp up their resolve and find a way to make it close. At halftime, they trailed 4 – 6.

As intense as the game was to that point, the drama was just getting started. We opened the second half with a goal and, suddenly, it was a one-point game. From there, a lot of back and forth occurred, and the momentum seemed to change on every other possession. We never led throughout the game, but all that mattered was the 9-9 score at the end of regulation. The outcome was truly in the balance, and even the most casual observer turned into a cheerleader for one team or the other. During that second half, each goal brought a loud eruption on the backs of nervous anticipation. The intensity escalated even more in overtime, but the first overtime ended the same as it started- tied. It looked like the second overtime was going to end in the same fashion until the outcome was determined with only 28 seconds left on the clock.

During the overtimes and during the time outs, I started to reflect on the game and what I was observing. The following thoughts flowed through my brain at one time or another and I thought I would record them in my reflection on the week:

  1. Results are not predetermined. Our actions and mental approach determine outcomes – Our girls did not go by team records or the talent level of the opponent, they focused on their plan and gave their full effort. Pregame predictions did not determine flow of the fame- the girls in the pool determined that.
  2. Maximizing strengths is underrated – Our girls are a unique group of young ladies. They are all so different and bring such a wide range of skills to the team. To the coaches credit. Watching Kalypso block a shot, throw the ball the length of the pool into a small open piece of water so that Dana could scoop it up, and throw it into the net was a great example of strengths at play.
  3. Much of the game was underwater – Girls were fighting for position, leverage and advantage throughout the game. I am sure that they were exhausted and felt like they could barely keep themselves above water. I am sure they were overwhelmed at times. It reminded me of this week because of several conversations I had in formal meetings with adults and informal conversations with students. We all feel overwhelmed from time to time and some of us more than others. Individually, these girls would have been overwhelmed, but they pulled each other along as a team. We had so many examples of team work behind the scenes this week to keep us afloat. One of our strengths is our counseling department. They work with so many students and serve such an important role for both mental wellness and life preparation. They are a treasured part of our school, and this week they intervened with some difficult issues. I am sure there were times when they could have felt overwhelmed, but they relied on their team. Ironically, I was talking about mental health with students when someone said a shooting just happened in Florida. That event weighs heavily on every educator, student, and parent whenever something like this happens. I am so grateful for our admin, counselors, teachers, staff, and even students who recognize potential red flags and proactively make sure that proper protocols are followed to ensure everyone is safe. This week reminded me that it is extremely important that we not only proactively teach social emotional skills, but that we also follow our safety protocols. To that end, we are planning an additional lock down drill this spring just to make sure we all know what to do. Academics and life planning are extremely important, but mental wellness and safety are our first priority.
  4. Adversity is difficult, but can build perseverance – Our girls’ water polo team has faced their fair share of adversity this year. Even in the game yesterday, there were some rough spots when they could have folded. Their determination was evident, and the tie score in double overtime was quite a show of resilience. It seemed that with each obstacle they faced and overcame, their confidence built.
  5. Winning is a team thing – While everyone contributed differently, the commitment to working as a team shown bright in the pool and on the sidelines. There wasn’t any regard for personal interests. The goal was to win as a team, and that is usually the recipe for good things; and it was yesterday. Because it was such a team effort, I am including the names of all the varsity team members: Briana Boatman, Sara Chan, Kalypso Fish, America Garcia, Alyssa Haas, Monica Hernandez, Chaise Howard, Emma Johnson, Rachel Miner, Julia Moffat, Hannah Muñoz, JulieneLouisa Ros, Melissa Segovia, Chloe Smit, Vanessa Tang and Dana Twisk.

So with under a minute to go in the game, our girls found themselves with the ball and on the opponent’s end of the pool. Our main weapons had been fast breaks and penalty shots, but now they were in a half pool situation that had not proven successful most of the game. Suddenly, Dana rolled and shot out from her position in the middle of the pool with a few quick backstrokes. She created just enough space to receive a precision pass, and with 28 seconds left in the game, she threw the ball just passed the goalie in the corner of the net. A group of girls who had not been predicted to win, advanced to the third round of CIF. (That game will happen at Foothill High School at 11:00 am on Saturday.) It was a game that felt like a metaphor for the week, and WE WON! Tiller Students and adults alike erupted in excitement. I even saw some tears of joy among us. It was a great moment, and made me proud to be a Tiller, not because we won, but because we showed up with our best effort and learned so much!

Go Tillers!


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Open House & 8th Grade Parent Night

2018 Open House & 8th Grade Outreach

On Thursday, April 5th, 2018 at 7 pm, all current THS parents are invited to our annual Open House event. At 6pm, parents of current 8th graders are invited to attend a Parent Night in the THS Sports Pavilion.

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