2016-2017 Teacher of the Year, Randy Reta

Randy Reta

It is with great honor that we present Mr. Randy Reta as the 2017 Tustin High School Teacher of the Year. Mr. Reta’s talent as a teacher is recognized by all. This is the second time the faculty at Tustin High has selected him as teacher of the year, and his students have honored him as teacher of the month a record 12 times.
In the classroom, Mr. Reta engages his students with his charming humor. His big personality and caring heart make it easy for students to connect with him. He establishes trust in his classroom, first and foremost, because it is that partnership that sets a foundation for learning. He holds students accountable for their actions and choices, but never holds a grudge, always giving them the opportunity to grow and do better next time. He works with his students, teaching them how to take control of their own education, situations, and lives. In this way, he not only teaches students the necessary content to pass his tests but also the necessary skills and habits to succeed beyond his classroom walls.

As a respected leader, Mr. Reta pulls teachers together with a shared vision: To better this community by bettering our students. With unwavering dedication to his students and his fellows, Mr. Reta has served Tustin High School and this community as the Science Department Chair for 15 years, as the Science Advisory Council member for 14 years, and as a Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment provider for 12 years. Currently, he is supporting the Science Department in the transition to new standards. School-wide, he has served all teachers as the Tustin Education Association representative for over four years, allowing teachers to have a voice.

Among all of his leadership duties, Mr. Reta somehow manages to find the time to support his fellow teachers and his students beyond the call of duty. Teaching Honors and Advanced Placement courses for 20 years at THS, he spends additional time tutoring all students in need. He continues to better himself, taking on the role as a digital fellow so that he can prepare our students for a technologically driven world. Outside the classroom, Mr. Reta serves as a club advisor, and has coached the varsity & junior varsity softball teams. He has also spent the last 13 years putting in countless hours coaching the City of Tustin Girls Softball teams and various travel ball teams.

Mr. Reta’s impact on our community is far-reaching. He has helped build the foundation of our great community through sincerity in his intentions, follow-through in his actions, and passion in his career. It is for these reasons that we honor Mr. Reta as the 2017 Tustin High School Teacher of the Year.