Tustin Connect High School

High School Courses for 2017-2018

Please note that course options and availability are subject to change.

Language Arts

English 1 A/B
English 2 A/B
English 3 A/B
English 4 A/B


Algebra 1 A/B
Geometry A/B
Algebra 2/Trig A/B
*Geometry CC A/B

Social Science

World History A/B
US History A/B
American Government


*Biology A/B
*Chemistry A/B
*Physics A/B
Note: "a-g" lab sciences are not offered online and must be taken through dual-enrollment

Visual and Performing Arts

Graphic Design 1 A/B
Photography 1 A/B

Foreign Language

Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B
Spanish 3 A/B


Sociology A/B
Introduction to Culinary Arts A/B
Forensic Science A/B
Digital Video Production A/B
Child Growth and Development
Fashion Design
Human Anatomy & Physiology

Outside Electives

P.E. (60 hours = 5 credits)
Work Experience (100 hours = 5 credits)
Community College Courses
Concurrent High School Courses
ROP Courses

*Courses satisfy graduation requirement but not UC "a-g" requirements.