Program Description

“All of our dreams can come true, if we have the COURAGE to PURSUE them.” – Walt Disney

The first step is the biggest step, you will take to change your life for the better. Come and join our adult school family and take the first step to pursue your dreams.

High School Diploma, Equivalency, and Adult Basic Education classes are offered every week day and certain evenings on our campus, as students can attend as frequently as desired. Our students have weekly schedule appointments with their own teachers within an online program offered in our computer lab/classroom. Students can work every day on their program with teacher assistance and are also encouraged to work at home in between family time or work. The key to success is balance, as Tustin Adult School offers many times, teachers, and opportunities to support a student in their individual success whether in finishing their diploma or preparing to take the GED or HI-SET equivalency testing.

Please note that all Tustin Adult School Students are required to participate in CASAS testing throughout the year as part of our CAEP Funding.

Registration Process

Due to TUSD Board of Education school closures in response to COVID-19, new and returning students interested in pursuing their  high school diploma should email Tustin Adult School counselor, Stacie Sevcik, to find out more.    

When TUSD schools reopen below is the procedure for registration.   

NEW STUDENTS enrolling in the High School Diploma program need to bring their transcripts to set up an appointment with our counselor, Stacie Sevcik, on our main campus. Students must be 18 years old or older and not attending a current high school, to enroll at Tustin Adult School. All diploma and equivalency enrollments take place on our main campus, just call or stop by to make an appointment today! Initial Registration takes place at Tustin Adult School's Main Campus on Mondays (Tuesday if Monday was a holiday) at either 9:00 am or 5:00 pm. Please plan for an hour and a half to complete the registration and initial CASAS assessment.

RETURNING STUDENTS – please call the main campus to set up an appointment to re-enroll:


Course Information

Various courses in English, Math, Social Science, Science and other subjects are available to meet Tustin Adult School Graduation Requirements through our Independent Study High School Program.   Our friendly counselor, Stacie Sevcik, will help evaluate your high school transcript to determine the courses you will need.   

Tustin Adult School Graduation Requirements

as of July 2018

Subjects Credits
English 30
Algebra 10
Math 10
Life Science 10
Physical Science 10
World History 10
U.S. History/Geography 10
American Government 5
Economics 5
Visual/Performing Arts/Language 10
Physical Education 20
Electives 50
Total Credits 180