School Information

Mission Statement

Tustin Adult School provides relevant education and career training to a diverse community of lifelong learners for individual achievement and enrichment.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

TAS seeks to serve adults aspiring to be:

A) Confident and Effective Communicators:

  • Listen and respond to others with respect
  • Read for information and write with clarity
  • Use technology to convey and access information

B) Critical and Creative Thinkers

  • Analyze information and apply problem-solving strategies
  • Identify multiple perspectives
  • Consider alternative approaches

C) Independent and Self-Directed Learners

  • Identify and develop academic and professional goals
  • Pursue a course of study that relates to those goals
  • Evaluate and assess progress accordingly

D) Contributing Community Members

  • Access resources and participate in community activities
  • Work cooperatively and help others
  • Demonstrate a competent, strong work


Western Association of Schools & Colleges is the accreditation organization which validates schools and districts. Tustin Adult Schools has earned a WASC accreditation. Click here to go to the WASC website and learn more about their organization or search accredited schools and colleges.