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Websites for Learning & Fun

Johnny's Math Page

Numbers, Fractions, Multiplication, Measurement, Geometry and More - from beginning to challenging skills.


Learn letters, learn to read, play games that improve your reading skills.

Hooda Math Games

Math Games from Primary to older age challenges.

Practice simple to advanced math with flashcards and games.


Spelling City

An awesome site to practice your spelling words.


Fun site for learning letters and sounds. Great place to start to read.

Check out the vocabulary games and fun that go with your Houghton Mifflin book.

Dance Mat Typing

Primary games focused on number skills.

A fun site that teaches you how to type. Great practice for all ages and levels

Lots of games that focus on improving multiplication skills.

Sample STAR Questions

Practice questions to prepare you for STAR testing.

Book Finder

Find out if your book is an AR book here.

Count Us In

Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts

Kids National Geographic

Fun 4 the Brain

Websites for Research

General Research

Look up just about anything. This also has an option to look for images and maps on your search topic

Can't think of specifically what to look for? Type your question into and you'll get many links to websites that have answers for you.

Another site similar to Google.

Can't find a dictionary handy? Use this link to find definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and more.

Animal Research

National Geographic Animals

This site has lots of information about animals. Great for animal reports!

Animal Planet

Another great site for information for animal reports!

Animal Corner

This website from England is an excellent resource for animal details.Watch their spelling!They use British spelling rules.

Animal Diversity


Nature Works

State Research

Maps 4 Kids

This site has printable maps and lots of information on the states.

50 States

This site lists the main information as well as links to details about each state.

Biographical Research


Has short summaries of famous explorers.

Info Please

Summary and detailed information on historical figures.

Biography Center

A searchable list of famous persons with links to primary source information

To access Math and Science textbooks, go to the following website: www.EDUPLACE.COM/ESERVICES1. Select your students grade, and input user name and password To access Language Arts textbook, go to the following website: http://www.thinkcentral.com1. Choose: Reading and Language Arts2. Choose excursions3. Choose state4. Choose district5. choose school6. check box that says "remember my organization"7. select your students grade, and unput user name and password8. then selecet "my library"

ELD Testing Website

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State Superintendent Tom Torlakson announced today theupcoming availability of Practice Tests from the Smarter BalancedAssessment Consortium (SBAC). Beginning May29, 2013, all school administrators, teachers, parents, and students willbe able to access the newly developed Practice Tests on the Smarter Balanced publicWeb site at

Teacher Resources

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