Important Information

 Student Pick-up and After School Programs

Thorman has early dismissal on Wednesdays.  Students are supervised, as with all days, 15 minutes after the dismissal bell. It is our parents' responsibility to assure their children are picked up on time. If you need support for childcare, we have free on-site after school program for grades 1-5 called ASES, and we have a Child Development Center (CDC) on-site (information is on the 'Parents and Community' tab of our Web site.

Thorman Student Uniform:

Shirt: Red, white, or blue without logos (collar not mandatory)

Pants, jeans, shorts or skirts: navy blue, khaki (tan) or black. Skirts and shorts need to be as long as your fingertips when your hands are stretched straight down your side.

Shoes: close-toed     Hats: can be worn for sun protection, but not in classrooms

Back to School Night August 12

5:00 Resources available

5:20 Teacher introductions

5:30 Session 1 (Dual Immersion English, no students per program protocol)

6:00 Session 2