About Our School

Sycamore Magnet Academy students will be part of a  Project Based Learning (PBL) instructional program focused on global awareness, media arts,  and communication through a Spanish dual immersion or an English only approach. 

As a school focused on Social, Emotional, Academic learning, students will be immersed in a curriculum celebrating language and global cultures while learning skills in media arts and communication. Throughout elementary and in middle school through the MUN program, students will engage in an instructional program that honors cultures and human connectedness and emphasizes international practices and perspectives throughout elementary and in middle school.

SMA students will develop an authentic communication skill set focused on information communication technology, cross-culture communication, and debate and negotiation.  Visual and performing arts such as media arts, digital technology & storytelling, and photography will be integrated throughout the school day. Middle school students will also have the opportunity to take visual and performing arts electives such as drama, visual imagery, graphic design, and art.