Aeries-Communications Support

Introducing Aeries Communications

Tustin USD continues to maximize communications by implementing a new modern messaging system allowing swift and reliable communications via phone call, email and soon through texting.  

To accomplish this, TUSD will implement the new system in multiple phases:

Phase 1

  • Implement fast reliable messaging with a self-service portal.
  • Parents & contacts may select the type of communications they receive along with how they receive them (phone/text/email).
  • Communication recipients may also select from a wide range of languages in which to receive school & district notifications.

Phase 2

  • Teacher communications
  • Student communications

District Initiatives

  • Parent/Guardians records are now required in the Contacts’ area of student information. 
  • Including parent/guardians, there should be a total of three unique phone #s in contacts.
  • We highly suggest including a contact that lives in proximity to the school your child is attending.
  • Contact information must include both first and last names, relationship, notification preference (at least one contact should have General and Emergency Announcements set on along with Attendance Notification), correspondence language, telephone and/or cell phone numbers. 

(You may be contacted in future via the messaging system or the school site staff
regarding the compliance of your student’s contact information)

Getting Started: Log into your Parent Portal account:

Step 1

Verify that parent/guardian record(s) exist (create new records as necessary) and insure all red-highlighted fields (Last Name, First Name, Relationship, Notification Preferences, Attendance Notification, Telephone, Mobile Phone, CorrLng, Email Address) are entered.

Screenshot of required fields highlighted for Aeries Messaging System.
  • Please review existing contacts and their information contains the required information as well.
  • Add additional contacts as necessary to meet the District’s initiative of having at least three unique numbers available.
  • Direct link to portal contacts

Step 2

New contact entries/portal accounts will require up to 48 hours before seeing the options below when logging into the Portal.  Once they are visible, you may set your notification preference from the portal home screen as shown below.

Screenshot of information displayed once logged into Parent Portal

To set how the messages will be sent, select the Communications menu option:

Screenshot of New Communications menu option now available

Select your Initials and the Notifications option

Menu options for personalizing Aeries Communications

Adjust your messaging preference on the following screen. NOTE: Although the option exists for SMS (texting) and Email, you still must have your mobile phone and email entered into the Contact record for the system to send messages via those methods.

Itemized listing of message delivery preference options

Please Note: Aeries Communications will distribute messages independent of a contact having a portal account.  For non-parent/guardian types of contacts, the default setting is to receive emergency notifications only.  If they have a portal account they may log in and opt out of these communications all together.  If they do not have access to the portal, you may log in through your account and adjust accordingly.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work together in improving communications at Tustin USD.