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Tustin Unified School District

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~EACH flyer must be submitted for pre-approval prior to distribution and in PDF format only~
Revised 04/18/18

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Flyers are only
distributed between the second week and next-to-the-last week of each school year via electronic form and hard copy for Friday folders. Please plan accordingly when sending in your flyers for approval. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Communications Office and effected school site(s).

  • Acceptable flyers:
    • Submitting organization must currently be a non-profit (501c3) organization operating within the local geographic area of the Tustin Unified School District.
    • We will post for city, parks and recreation, library programs, youth sports groups, etc., that are Districtwide or citywide on our website.
    • The materials must support the basic educational mission of the District.
    • The District does not distribute flyers for commercial (for profit) or advertising purposes.
    • Upon request, submitting organizations must be able to provide proof of non-profit status prior to flyer approval.

    • EACH flyer must be submitted for pre-approval in PDF format only to Mark Eliot ( prior to duplication/distribution. School sites will not distribute flyers that have not been pre-approved by the Communications Office.

    • Only single-document PDF format accepted: Individual single- and multiple-page flyers, must each be submitted in a SINGLE-DOCUMENT PDF format (examples of a single document includes one-page flyers, two-sided flyers, English & Spanish version of same flyer (two-sided), or flyers that have a registration page also). [For simple document to PDF conversion, merging, splitting, compression, etc., try or other preferred PDF conversion software.]

    • Compress your flyer prior to submission: When flyers are too large, recipients may not open them on their device. Please compress your flyer to make it as small as possible for digital viewing. Large files will not be posted on the approved list.

    • Please allow up to five business days for processing requests. You will be notified of the decision via email. If you do not receive a reply after five business days, or need information not contained herein, contact Mark Eliot at or 714-730-7339.

    • Flyers that have not met the submission-format requirements, but meet all other approval standards, will be returned for resubmission in proper format. After a flyer is returned in properly formatted form (with no changes made to the original submission), it will be posted as soon as possible.
        • Flyers must contain:
          • age(s) and/or grade(s) level(s) of target program participants
      • program date(s)
      • contact information for the program
      • a disclaimer such as: "The Tustin Unified School District neither endorses, sponsors, or recommends the organization/activity represented. Flyers are provided as a community service."
Flyers or other material approved for distribution containing false information or not representing the intent of the program, will jeopardize the approval of future flyers by the requesting organization.

Approved flyers will be on file in the Communications Office
for the duration of the current school year, to be purged sometime between June 30 and July 15 of each year. Hard copies maintained at school sites will be purged periodically, at the discretion of the site administrator.