Principal Will NeddersenWill Neddersen, Principal

Mr. Neddersen is proud to be the principal of Red Hill Elementary School. Prior to joining Red Hill, Mr. Neddersen served as principal of Veeh Elementary School, Assistant Principal at Hewes Middle School, Teacher on Special Assignment at the District Office and elementary teacher, all in Tustin Unified School District. Mr. Neddersen has been in education since 1997. He is a graduate of Vanguard University (formerly Southern California College) where he earned both a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Masters of Education in Curriculum. Mr. Neddersen has also earned his Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.

Mr. Neddersen and his wife live in Irvine. Mrs. Neddersen teaches at Heritage Elementary School in TUSD. Mr. and Mrs. Neddersen have a son in high school and daughter in middle school. Mr. Neddersen also teaches part time for Concordia University through the Masters Cohort Programs. Mr. Neddersen is a big Disney fan and enjoys taking the family to Disneyland.

Mr. Neddersen looks forward to getting to know students and their families throughout the school year. Mr. Neddersen is committed to working with parents and the community to create great opportunities for all of Red Hill's students to succeed academically as well as socially.

Administrative Support:

Jan Belanger, Office Manager - 714-730-7543 - email

Julia Wood, Office Assistant - email

Susan Hanson, Health Office - email

Classroom Teachers


Ms. Cushing

Room 403

Mrs. Hesseltine

Room 301

Classroom website

Ms. Marshall

Room 302

Classroom website

Mrs. Montgomery

Room 301

Classroom website

First Grade

Mrs. Bryan

Room 402

Classroom website

Ms. Cushing

Room 403

Mrs. Harrison

Room 401

Classroom website

Mrs. Ludes

Room 406

Classroom website

Mrs. Sutton

Room 404

Classroom website

Mrs. Walker

Room 404

Classroom website

Second Grade

Mrs. Miller

Room 405

Classroom website

Ms. Riddle

Room 504

Ms. Stephens

Room 604

Classroom website

Mrs. Valencia

Room 603

Classroom website

Mr. Zweber

Room 601

Classroom website

Third Grade

Mrs. Bowers

Room 606

Classroom website

Mrs. Mann

Room 602

Classroom website

Ms. Riddle

Room 504

Classroom website

Mrs. Sharp

Room 506

Classroom website

Ms. Stephens

Room 604

Classroom website

Fourth Grade

Ms. Billings

Room 605

Classroom website

Mrs. Chang

Room 505

Classroom website

Mrs. Young

Room 503

Classroom website

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Crain

Room 502

Mrs. Edmisten

Room 501

Mrs. Young

Room 503

Schoolwide Staff

Red Hill Staff Directory

Jan Belanger

Administration/Office Manager

Allison Berry

Specialized Academic Instruction

Cretia Bowers

3rd grade Room 606

Cathy Bowsher

Speech Pathologist

Mary Ann Bryan

1st grade Room 402

Vivian Chang

4th grade Room 505

Child Development Center

Child Care

Janelle Crain

5th grade Room 502

Sarah Cushing

SDC Room 403

Tracy Edmisten

5th grade Room 501

Judi Gaines

Library Media Technician

Susan Hanson

Health Clerk

Sheryl Harrison

1st grade Room 401

Katie Hesseltine

Kindergarten Room 301

Debbie Ludes

1st grade Room 406

Rosanne Mann

3rd grade Room 602

Danette Marshall

Kindergarten Room 302

Katharine Messerschmidt

School Psychologist

Corie Miller

2nd grade Room 405

David Miranda

Head Custodian

Kristen Montgomery

Kindergarten Room 301

Will Neddersen


Cassie Riddle

SDC Room 504

Teri Sharp

3rd grade Room 506

Robin Sianez (Billings)

4th grade Room 605

Denise Spalding

SAI Aide

Jenny Stephens

2nd/3rd grades Room 604

Alix Sutton

1st grade Room 404

Melanie Valencia

2nd grade Room 603

Danny Villegas

Night Custodian

Nicole Walker

1st grade Room 404

Julia Wood

Office Assistant

Julie Young

4th/5th grades Room 503

Tim Zweber

2nd grade Room 601