Students are required by law to attend school punctually and regularly.

1.Excused Absence: Absence for causes listed in the State Educational Code for illness, medical, dental, and optometry appointments.

2.Unexcused Absences: Absences for any reason other than those listed above. Truancy that is intentional is a violation of state attendance laws.

3.Excessive Absences: Students who miss more than 5 days of school, or have more than 3 unexcused absences will be notified with a letter home and/or referral to the Student Attendance Review Board.

After an Absence students are required to bring a note from parents the day he/she returns to school. The note must list the date of the absence, specific reason for the absence, and must be signed by parent or guardian. A phone call to the office or e-mail to the school secretary may also excuse an absence.


Any student who is excessively tardy will be regarded as truant. A parent conference will be required. Truancy could also lead to a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board.


Click here to email your child's absence to the office.


Tustin Unified has partnered with Toshiba to bring to students a "Perfect Attendance" program, where they may be eligible to win a Chromebook or tablet.