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Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Procedures

Pick Up/Drop Off: Parents can use the yellow loading/unloading zone located both in front of the school and multipurpose room only. If you would prefer to walk or meet your child at his/her classroom or in the quad area, please park your car in the parking lot. Please do not park in the Pick Up/Drop Off areas. Cars may circle around if you do not see your child right away.

Loading and Unloading: Please respect the pick up/drop off area for quick loading/unloading. This area is marked by a yellow curb. Please do not park and leave your vehicle.

Woodlawn Ave Gate: This gate is intended for emergency evacuation only.  Use of this gate is by acceptable use permit only.  Please contact the school office.


Paperless Communication

Red Hill is committed to making a difference for the environment by sending most of our regular communication to families through an online email service. To sign up, please visit the Red Hill PTA website or click HERE
We will also continue with our regular use of Blackboard Connect, an online home-to-school communication service, to notify our families of upcoming events, or any imminent emergency. This may be through a phone call to your primary contact number and/or an email using the address you have provided. If you would like to add secondary contact information for these notifications, please click here to submit your request in writing.

School Accountability Report Card

State law requires that all public schools receiving state funding prepare and distribute a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about the school. The profile summarizes the school's mission, goals, and accomplishments. California Department of Education requires that the SARC contain the following:

  • Demographic data
  • School safety and climate for learning information
  • Academic data
  • Class sizes
  • Teacher and staff information
  • Curriculum and instruction descriptions
  • Fiscal and expenditure data

Click here for the most current Red Hill SARC.

School Safety Plan

Red Hill Elementary maintains and annually updates a School Safety Plan. It includes site disciplinary policies and procedures to best prepare our staff to appropriately handle any situation that might arise. A copy is available in the school office and a duplicate is maintained at the District offices, as well. All of our emergency equipment is stored in a locked shed at the edge of our campus. Water, food, temporary shelter, and first aid supplies are maintained and replenished as needed. Monthly fire drills are practiced to familiarize our students with emergency exits and procedures. Each trimester we rehearse a "duck and cover" drill so students know what to do in the event of an earthquake. In addition, several times each year we perform an intruder alert or lock-down drill. All of our drills are designed to teach children what to do in an emergency but they also serve as a self-check for our own security systems. We believe it is important to continually practice and evaluate our procedures in order to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and parents at Red Hill.

Red Hill Safety Practices

This information was presented to parents on March 2, 2018

Red Hill's priority is to provide a school environment where students are safe and learning -

  • Plans are created annually - Single Plan for Student Achievement, School Safety Plan
  • Annually Red Hill is required to submit an emergency plan to Tustin Unified School District, to be reviewed by Student Services and law enforcement. The plan addresses Fire, Earthquake, Active Shooter and other situations. Our geographical area works with OC Sheriff.
  • Staff is trained annually on emergency responses and assigned emergency team positions. Follow-up occurs at staff meetings where student safety situations are discussed.
  • Students experience safety drills a minimum of once each month. Drills range from Fire to Lockdown. Teachers and Principal discuss the reasons for drills in developmentally appropriate terms.

Regular Safety Practices -

  • Campus is secured during the school day. All doors are locked using the push bar system; this allows rooms to be secured from the inside. Gates are locked after drop-off in the morning and opened in the afternoon for pick-up.
  • Visitors are required to sign in/obtain Visitor badge with office
  • Radios are used by staff to communicate campus-wide
  • Campus is walked by staff
  • Blackboard-Connect Mass Notification System is used to communicate with school community regarding an emergency situation (aka PACE Message)

What Can Parents Do? -

  • Discuss with children at home about your family's plan in responding to emergency situations. Remember to use age appropriate conversation.
  • Be aware of what you may be seeing in media sources and ask if this is appropriate for your child
  • Communicate what you observe/experience to school and/or local authorities
  • Ensure your contact information is correct in the Aeries Parent Portal so that school can reach you in an emergency

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Suggested School Supplies

Red Hill Elementary Student Supply Lists


(suggested supplies for classroom use)




___First Grade___

___Second Grade___

5 boxes Crayola crayons 24 ct.

8 Expo assorted dry erase markers

1 pair Fiskar 5” scissors

12 Elmers glue sticks

1 plastic school box (8X5X2” only)

1 box Crayola crayons 24 ct.

1 red pocket folder, with prongs

10 Elmers glue sticks

5 Elmers glue sticks

1 yellow pocket folder, with prongs

2 box Crayola crayons 24 ct.

4 pk 3X3” post-its

1 view binder, 1”

1 pair Fiskar 5” scissors

1 whiteboard eraser

30 sheet protectors

1 view binder, 1-1/2” white

Earbud headphones

1 pocket folder, any color, no prongs

Over-ear headphones

8 Expo dry erase markers


2 Magic Rub erasers

1 composition book, marble, 100-pg









___Third Grade___

___Fourth Grade___

1 plastic school box (8X5X2” only)

1 box Crayola crayons 24 ct.

3 composition books, marble, 100-pg, wide ruled

1 pair Fiskar 5” scissors

1 box Crayola crayons 24 ct.

3 Elmers glue sticks, 3 pk 3X3” post-its

1 box Crayola colored pencils 24 ct.

1 pkg 3X5” ruled index cards

4 Avery glue sticks, permanent clear

1 yellow highlighter

2 Magic Rub erasers, 1 pk baby wipes

1 zippered 3-ring pencil pouch

1 pair Fiskar 5” scissors

4 medium blue stick pens

1 ruler 12” w/ centimeters

5 spiral notebooks 70-ct wide rule

1 pencil sharpener w/ receptacle

2 Magic Rub erasers

Earbud headphones w/ speaker, 2 pocket folders

2 composition books 100 pg.

I pk colored 3X5 lined index cards

4 Expo black dry erase marker

4 Expo fine tip black dry erase markers

1 box Crayola colored pencils

I yellow highlighter, 2 pk 3X3” post-its

1 pk baby wipes

2 pk 1.5X2” post-its

Earbud headphones





_______Fifth Grade_______

2 magic rub erasers

1 pk 4-count fine tip dry erase markers

5 Elmers glue stick

6 pk 3X3” post-its

1 pk 8-10 count fine tip markers

1 box Crayola colored pencils, 24-ct

6 medium blue or black stick pens

2 spiral notebooks 70-ct wide rule

1 zippered 3-ring pencil pouch

Earbud headphones

2 black marble composition books

2 different color highlighter pens












(revised February 2019)