Orchard Hills Housekeeping Items & FAQ's

Forgotten Lunch or Dropping Lunch for your Student?


Parents will no longer need to enter the Front Office to drop off forgotten lunches.

The Lunch Cart will now be located outside the Front Office. Please make sure the Lunch is labeled with your student;s

Forgotten School Items?


These items can be left on the counter INSIDE the Front Office. You will find Pens, Tape and Instruction Sheets on how to leave items for your student.

Do you need to reach your Student during the school day?


The school office will not interrupt important class time to pass along messages to students. Parents need to e-mail the teacher if they are trying to reach their student.

How does Orchard Hills handle Nut Allergies?

Please note that we do have Orchard Hills students that have Nut Allergies.

  • Our cafeteria and vending machine does not serve any items that contain nuts.
  • We have a lunch table designated as "nut free".
  • We strongly encourage parents to avoid sending nutrition and lunch items containing nuts to school with their students.
  • Please note that this notice includes ALL categories of nuts, not just peanuts.

Thank you for your cooperation.

How early can I drop off my student at school?

Due to the importance of student safety, students may NOT be on campus prior to 7:30 a.m. Gates will be locked until 7:30 a.m. Students may enter the campus at 7:30 a.m. and need to go to the lunch benches and wait there until 7:45 a.m. At 7:45 a.m. a bell will ring and students may then go to their locker, enter the quad, or line up by their classroom. We appreciate your cooperation. This procedure is for the safety of your child and our entire school community.

How do I order a 2018-19 Orchard Hills Yearbook?

Interested in Ordering a 2018-2019 Orchard Hills Yearbook?

  • Please click HERE to complete your online order.

Interested in being a part of the 2019-2020 Orchard Hills Yearbook Staff?

  • Please check back in Spring 2019 for more information regarding the Application Process.

Incoming Kinder & Elementary School Presentations

Aeries Parent Portal

Online Student Enrollment

Aeries AIR – Online Student Enrollment allows a parent to quickly start the process of enrolling a student for school. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information is electronically sent to the school. Please click here for instructions on how to enroll your child online.

To get started enrolling a new student, please click here. Please note enrollment is not complete until you bring all paperwork into the school's office. Click here for required documents and forms to complete the enrollment process.

Portal & Data Confirmation Instructions

Please click on the following link(s) for online student registration instructions:

Health & Immunization

Tdap Immunization - 7th Grade Requirement

Your current 6th grade child is required to submit proof of TDAP vaccine for entrance into 7th grade for the next school year 2017-2018. Thank you to the parents who have submitted proof of TDAP. Thank you for clearing your student early. The second letter of "Tdap Due" notification will be mailed to your home in March for those in need of Tdap.

Click HERE to access the form that needs to be completed.

If you scan proof of Tdap and wish to submit by email as an attachment, please email to: Lizette Quintanar Embarcadero at who will clear your student.

"Without TDAP clearance, your child may not receive their first or second choice of electives and registration will be delayed"

Nutrition Services

Free & Reduced Priced Lunch Program Information

Please click HERE to read the full Public Media Release regarding this important program.

TUSD Middle School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program is a federally-funded program that assists schools and other agencies in providing lunches to children at reasonable prices. In addition to financial assistance, the program provides donated commodity foods to help reduce lunch program costs. The United States Department of Agriculture is responsible for overseeing the program nationally. In California, the program is administered by the California Department of Education’s Nutrition Services Division.Students will be able to purchase lunch and milk at all schools in the Tustin Unified School District. Breakfast and lunch prices will increase 25 cents for the new school year, according to Nutrition Services Director Teresa Squibb.

“It’s the first price increase in three years even though food costs have increased five to seven percent each year,” Squibb said.

The school lunch prices for 2016-17 are $3 for elementary students and $3.25 for middle and high school students. All meals include a choice of entrees, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk. Healthy a la carte snacks will be offered at the middle and high schools.

Additionally, breakfast will be offered at Benson, Guin Foss, Loma Vista, Nelson, Peters Canyon and Veeh elementary schools for $2; and Columbus Tustin, Hewes, Orchard Hills, Pioneer and Utt middle schools, and Beckman, Foothill and Tustin high schools for $2.25.

Students will be offered breakfast and lunch at no cost at the following schools – Beswick, Estock, Heideman and Thorman elementary schools; Currie Middle School; and Hillview High School.

The afterschool supper program will be available at Beswick, Estock, Heideman, Thorman and Veeh elementary schools; and Columbus Tustin, Currie and Utt middle schools.

Parents can prepay for their child’s meals by bringing a check or cash to the school office or creating an account on www.MySchoolBucks ($1.95 bank fee), an online prepayment service supporting student lunch accounts. Parents can monitor their child’s lunch account through the service for free. Elementary students access their accounts by entering their student number into a pin-pad at school when buying breakfast or lunch. Middle and high schools students access their accounts by scanning their ID cards or entering their student number into a pin-pad at school when buying breakfast or lunch.

Free and reduced-price meal applications will be distributed to students as part of the federally- and state-assisted National School Lunch Program. Meal applications are available online and the link is posted on the District’s website.

Menus and nutritional information are posted on the Nutrition Services website HERE.

For more information, call the Nutrition Services Department at (714) 730-7301, ext. 396.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

  • 2016-17 Breakfast Menu LINK
  • 2016-17 Lunch Menu LINK