2019 - 2020 Middle School Clubs on the Hawks Campus

Clubs change every year based on Student interest.  Club ideas are generated by students and submitted to and approved by the Assistant Principal.

Club Calendar


  • Save the World Club
    • (5-136)
    • *Every other week
  • Christian Club
    • (5-114)
  • Science Bowl Club
    • (5-101)
  • The Letter Learners/ Calligraphy Club
    • (5-136)
  • Language Club
    • (5-132)
  • Gaming Club
    • (5-101)
  • FUNraising Club
    • (6-211)
    • *Every other week
  • Hollywood Movies Club
    • (5-116)
  • Hangout Club
    • (5-101)
  • Fan Theory Club
    • (5-136)
  • A Writer’s Passion Club
    • (5-217)
  • Acting and Film Club
    • (5-214)
  • Animal Club
    • (5-102)
    • *Every other week
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Club
    • (5-101)
  • Asian Culture Club
    • (5-116)
  • GSA Club
    • (6-128)
  • Anime Club
    • (5-112)
  • GSA Club
    • (6-128)

Club List & Information



Save the World Club

Come find ways to save the earth, save water, and prevent littering. Room 5-136, Mrs. Okenwa Every other Monday
Christian Club We do a bible study, watch Christian movies, teachers testimonies, and talking about our own religion and life experiences. Room 5-114, Mr. Ro Tuesday
Gaming Club Play/make any game (within school limits) Room 5-101, Mr. Nguyen Tuesday

The Letter Learners/ Calligraphy Club

The main point of the calligraphy club is to help people go out of their comfort zone and invent a new way of writing, and it can help you improve your writing and drawing skills.

Room 5-136, Mrs. Okenwa

Language Club In language club we will be learning different languages from different countries and many more. Room 5-132, Mrs. Lee Friday
Science Bowl Club In this science bowl club, students will learn and further explore sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, math, earth science, space science, math, etc. We will be using this knowledge to compete against each other and in the national science bowl. Room 5-101, Mr. Nguyen Wednesday
FUNraising Club In our club, we make crafts, and do projects, then we sell them, and all the money gets donated to military families. Room 6-211, Mrs. Fowler Every other Wednesday
Hollywood Movies Club

Our club will be recreating different movies,books, and making our own skits. We will be filming them and have a day where the school can watch them.

Room 5-116, Miss Lee Thursday
A Writer's Passion Club Instructional Writing (teaching and giving tips), and Free Writing. Room 5-217, Ms. Paulson Thursday
Hangout Club Every week club members come to the area to just talk and do fun things. There is no theme to our club. We can do different things every time. Room 5-101, Mr. Nguyen Friday
Yu-Gi-Oh Club In this club we play Yu-Gi-Oh which is a sort of complicated card game, we also might have tournament with the people in the club. Room 5-101, Mr. Nguyen Thursday
Acting & Film Club What we are going to be doing is learning about acting also making short movies that I am going to be producing on campus it is a good way to embrace students to do what they love also that way they are going to have good memorization also speaking skills.  Students can also have a lot of fun playing other characters Room 5-214, Mrs. Stone Friday
Fan Theory Club Fan theories about movies, comics, shows, and more Room 5-136, Mrs. Okenwa Wednesday
Animal Club The club would be focused on raising awareness for animals and supporting them. We could do a fundraiser? And posters. We could discuss animal rights, and animal abuse, in addition to trying to find solutions. Room 5-102, Mrs. Dunbar Every other Wednesday
Asian Culture Club Where all students can learn about Asian culture and share their experiences. Room 5-116, Miss Lee Friday
GSA Club The GSA club is all about being supportive and accepting your fellow peers as who they are. We will try our absolute best to make this club feel like home, and make sure it’s comfortable for the members that join it. Our utmost priority is to make all people feel accepted and welcomed into both this club and school as a whole. Feeling like you can’t be yourself is troubling, and sometimes there’s pressure being built upon you. That’s where the GSA club comes in! We’re all friendly and will gladly listen to your feelings if you’re feeling down, or even nervous about an assignment. We’re here to help anyone. You could say, we’re a family! Room 6-128, Ms. Doo

Wednesday and Friday

Anime Club It’s a club where friends get together and have fun. Watch anime, eat lunch, and discuss what we know. It’s pretty lighthearted, but the point is to build a community within the school. Room 5-112, Ms. Li Thursday