Orchard Hills School Librarian

Mrs. Laurie Lawver


Orchard Hills School Library - Storybook Pumpkin Patch 2019!

Our Library is growing a storybook pumpkin patch, and we need your help!  

Here’s how:

  • Decorate a craft pumpkin to look like one of your favorite book characters.
  • Grab your craft pumpkin and your decorating supplies. Acrylic paints or permanent markers work best. Watercolors tend to run, and spray paint will gradually dissolve the pumpkin. Other options include adding materials such as yarn, buttons, wiggly eyes, etc.
  • Decorate your craft pumpkin without carving, cutting, or poking holes in it.
  • Tell us about your pumpkin/character by answering the questions on the back of this FORM.
  • Plant your decorated pumpkin in our library’s pumpkin patch starting Monday, September 30th.
  • All pumpkins must be picked up on Friday, November 1st.  If your child needs assistance getting it home, please make arrangements to do this.  All pumpkins not picked up will be disposed of at 3:30 on Friday, November 1st.
  • Participation is completely voluntary and it is not a competition. All participants will receive a treat when picking up your pumpkin. Participants can decorate and plant multiple pumpkins; however, only one treat per participant.


To help keep the library clean and free of germs, donations of disinfectant cleaning wipes (Lysol, Clorox, Costco or any store brand) are greatly appreciated. Donations can be brought to school with your student and delivered to the library. Thank you for helping to keep our library clean and our students healthy!

Orchard Hills SCHOOL LIBRARY Birthday Book Club

A great way to celebrate your reader!!!

Donate to the library to honor your student's Birthday!

Here's how:

  • Minimum Donation of $15.00. Please make checks payable to "OH ASB" and drop off in the school library.
  • Mrs. Lawver and Mrs. Connelly will select books needed for the library.
  • Your Student will be the first to check out the new title.
  • Your Student's Photo will be placed on a bulletin board for all Birthday Book Club participants. (These photos will ultimately be added to the books).
Thank you for your donation to Orchard Hills’ Library and your commitment to bringing the latest titles to our students!
Should you have any questions, please contact our Librarian, Mrs. Lawver, at or via phone at (714) 430-2078 ext. 78817.