Library Mission Statement

The Tustin Unified School District Library program provides quality and current materials in a variety of formats and viewpoints to the diverse student and staff population while offering exemplary service in order to promote effective use of information and create a lifelong love of learning and reading.

Nelson Library

Cartoon image of a boy and a girl reading a book while leaning on books holding them up.

Library Information

Librarian: Nancy Welch
Library Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM - 12PM
Phone: 714-730-7536; Ext: 71121

Cartoon image of a boy and a girl reading a book while leaning on books holding them up.

Policies & Procedures

The Nelson School Library Media Center (LMC) is a place dedicated to reading and learning. It is open to any student who attends Nelson Elementary School.

Expected behavior:

Quiet voices – no raised voices or yelling. I do not expect total silence but you are to be respectful of others using the LMC. This helps others read or do work that they are expected to do.

Quiet feet – no running, jumping, skipping, or climbing on furniture or other disruptive behavior is allowed. Remember you are not outside!

Show respect for library books and LMC furnishings and equipment. Please leave it clean and neat when you leave.

Respect all staff and students using the LMC. Please remember, if a staff person tells you or requests something they are to be followed even if it is not your teacher.

Requirements to check out books:

All parents and students are expected to read and sign the TUSD Book Replacement Policy for Elementary School before they can check out books. This is included in the online registration process.

Students must show responsibility in caring for and returning library books. Any student who shows a repeated lack of responsibility may lose the right to check out a book. *This is at the discretion of School Administration and Librarian.

Who is responsible of books checked out of the library?

The student who checks out a book is the one responsible for taking care of the book. Also, making sure it makes it back to the library in good condition.

Online Websites

Destiny Online


Students now have access to the Destiny Library Catalog. TUSD's online library catalog from home.

This allows them the opportunity to create their own personal resource list of books they would like to read, check availability on selected titles and read eBooks.


1) Go to

2) Select "W. R. Nelson Elementary School"


Download the Destiny Discover App to download ebooks & audiobooks to your mobile device.


GoFollet gives students access to eBooks and Audiobooks.


Download the Destiny Discover App to download ebooks & audiobooks to your mobile device.


When may books be checked out?

Students check out books during their normal class library time which occurs weekly. If they were out sick or forgot their books, a teacher may send them in at another time, if there is a suitable time. *This is at the discretion of the teacher.

How many books may a student check out and may they take them home?

TK and Kindergarten students are allowed one book. They do not take them home because they are checked out under the teacher’s name and are shared in the classroom.

First through Fifth graders are allowed two books at a time, as long as they have returned the previous checked out books. They take them home at the discretion of the teacher.

How long may a student keep a book? May a student renew a book?

All library books are checked out for one week. EASY/Picture books cannot be renewed. Chapter books and non-fiction may be renewed up to three times. This renewal policy is longer than what is stated in the TUSD Book Replacement Policy that was signed at the beginning of the year. After three renewals the book must be turned in for other students to be able to use. (There are occasional exceptions to this length but it is at the discretion of the librarian or request of a teacher).

Any book that a student wishes to renew must be brought in to the library by the student. The student cannot leave it at home and verbally tell me they want to renew it – it must be brought in.

May a student check out books if they do not return all books?

No check outs are allowed if a student has not returned all books. Both books must be returned or brought in for renewal. If a student left a book at home they may come in the next day to return it and check out books – at the discretion of the teacher.

Does a student every have to pay any fines?

A student does not owe any fines if a book is late.

A student must pay for a library book if it is lost or damaged. The student cannot check out books until the student pays for the book. The librarian issues a bill for any book that has not been returned in a timely manner. The amount is based on the amount paid for the book at purchase. This was stated in the TUSD Book Replacement Policy that parents had to sign.

A student that finds a lost book after it has been paid for will get a refund. As long as it is returned with a year.


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