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Playground Rules

  • Walk on blacktop; run on grass only
  • Use time wisely; get drinks and use bathroom before playing and before the bell rings
  • Must have a hall pass to leave the playground area
  • Eat snacks in courtyard, not on blacktop
  • At freeze bell, stop what you are doing and squat
Big Toy
  • Go only one direction on monkey bars and rings
  • Wait until clear, slide in a sitting position, move out of the way at bottom of the slide
  • No walking under monkey bars
  • No death drops on monkey bars
  • At freeze bell, move away from equipment and squat
  • Wait in front of the swings a fair distance away so as not to get kicked
  • For a turn, count to 25 with feet forward, then say "My turn please!"
  • No jumping off swings
  • Swing only front to back, not side to side
  • At freeze bell, bring swings to a stop and get off swings and squat
Jungle Gym
  • No jumping off the equipment
  • Pushing or chasing is not allowed
  • Never sit on top of the equipment
  • At freeze bell, remove yourself from the equipment and squat
  • Play inside designated soccer area
  • Always include those who ask to play
  • Share the field if more than one game is being played
  • At the freeze bell, hold the ball and squat
  • One ball per court; 2 - 4 students at a time
  • "Waiters" wait in line outside of court
  • If you hit the ball outside the court boundaries you are out
  • At the freeze bell, hold the ball and squat
  • All "Waiters" wait outside the circle
  • If you "hold the ball, touch the rope, double hit the ball, you are out
  • At the freeze bell, stop the ball and squat
Lining up
  • At the freeze bell, stop playing and squat
  • At whistle, walk to line up and sit while waiting quietly for teachers

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