Solar Panel Installation

You may have noticed that our solar panel project is nearly finished on the Myford field! The crews have been working for the past two months on this Elevated Solar Structure that will also serve as a shade structure. We anticipate this project to be fully completed very soon. Please see the TUSD Solar Initiative FAQ for more information.

Sample of Elevated Solar Structure
Location of Myfords Elevated Solar Structure

Myford Mural

Myford Mural - PAWS

Myford Mural - Logo

Thank you to the wonderful generosity of State Farm and Operation Clean Slate for the b eautiful mural on our back wall!

Students work hard every day to use their PAWS Pride: Practice Peace, Act Responsibly, Work Together, Stay Safe, and now they have a visual reminder of how to Be Brave, Kind, and AwesoME!

Thank you also to Councilman Jeff Lalloway, Irvine PD Commander Michael Kent, State Farm Representative Adriana Galdamez, and Operation Clean Slate Executive Director (and muralist) Michael Howard for making such a positive impact on Myford!