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Myford Mission & Vision

Myford Mission

Maximizing student learning and social responsibility with high expectations for all.

Myford Vision

High Expectations for Success

  • All teachers believe all students can learn.
  • All teachers differentiate lessons using research based strategies.
  • Teachers believe that some students need multiple opportunities to master standards.
  • Teachers provide systematic ELD for English Language Learners.
  • Teachers have a support system of academic “coaches” who provide resources and intervention strategies.
  • Teachers introduce, model, and positively reinforce social responsibility using the character traits.

Instructional Leadership

  • The principal acts as an instructional leader and communicates the school mission to staff, parents, students, and community.
  • The principal and teachers use various communication tools such as email, website, Friday Folders, newsletters, and Connect-Ed to communicate with parents.
  • The principal visits classrooms and gives honest/constructive feedback.
  • The principal and teachers model teaching strategies to peers through peer observations and professional development for the staff.
  • The principal and teachers attend ongoing professional development.
  • Staff meetings are timely and productive.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for student leadership (Student Council, PAL, etc.)

Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress

  • Teachers reflect on the previous year’s assessments to create goals for the upcoming year.
  • Teachers assess continuously, reflect collaboratively, and use their analysis to guide instruction.
  • Teachers meet on a regularly scheduled basis to plan, reflect, assess, and apply.

Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task

  • Teachers reinforce content standards using computer programs and web based technology to promote student engagement.
  • Grade level teams utilize pacing guides for planning instruction.
  • Opportunities are maximized for student engagement during instruction.
  • Students are participant/observers in content based assemblies.
  • Office and administration limit the number of interruptions during the school day to maximize student learning.

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