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Myford’s Entrepreneur Fair

This past winter, Myford hosted our first ever Entrepreneur Fair.  The project started through a school-wide MakerSpace challenge in which students were tasked with creating something that others would want to buy.  Students worked through the engineering design process to explore, design, create, test, and improve various products.  Some of these projects culminated in sellable items.  Students across the school were then provided the opportunity to submit individual proposals.  Their proposals and a sample of their product were reviewed and assessed to ensure high-quality goods.  About 60 students and 9 classrooms created products that they sold over lunch as well as after school (with some parent participation as well).  In addition, students were asked to donate a portion of their sales - over $300 was collected to support a family for the holidays through Operation Warm Wishes.  This event was almost entirely student-run and was a huge success!