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Thank you for a great 18-19 school year!

Thank you for another wonder year full of exploration, learning, and innovation.  This year, our staff focused on “Making it EPIC” – a year of creating moments of Elevation, Pride, Insight, and Connection.  We thoughtfully designed activities and experiences for students to have a memorable year.  From welcome bags for new students to morning meetings to Myford Moments to hands-on learning activities, students anchored this year with EPIC moments.  In addition, robotics in the TechLab, MakerSpace challenges, Digital Storytelling, and social-emotional learning gave students experiences with a full and rich curriculum beyond reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. 

We started off the year with the book Brave and students learned that being brave comes in many forms – seeking adventure, taking on a challenge, being honest, leading the team, never giving up, and helping our world.  We celebrated Dot Day and students learned that they can make their own unique mark in the world.  We participated in Starts with Hello week, and students were encouraged to find new friends just by saying, “Hello!”  By doing this, we can help all students feel a sense of belonging.  We all read What Does it Mean to be Present? and challenged ourselves to enjoy the moment.  When we get too busy, we might miss something special!

Our theme this year was We are ME – We are Myford Elementary, and I am so proud and honored to be part of such an incredible group of students, families, and staff.  We continue to grow and learn together through strong citizenship, compassion for others, and striving for our personal best.

Be Brave. Be Kind. Be AwesoME!

Mrs. Fairchild