100 Mile Club

All Loma Vista 1st- 5th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the 100 Mile Club this year!
A few classes tested the program last year. It was a huge success, so this year it is being rolled out to all 1st - 5th grade classes.

What is the 100 Mile Club?
The 100 Mile Club is a program aimed at engaging and empowering kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time. The 100 Mile Club presents students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog, or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. Teachers help students log their miles. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in!

How Will It Work at Loma Vista?
Our goal for Loma Vista is to give our students the opportunity to earn 10 laps per week. (Four laps around our field represents a distance of 1 mile). In just 10 minutes per day, students should be able to run or walk at least 2 laps around our field. Some will be able to go further in that time. Students will do this as a class. Students wishing to achieve their 100 mile goal within the school year will have to run in excess of the 2 basic laps per day. Students may run extra laps during lunch and recess, and during family or fun run events organized by Loma Vista volunteers throughout the year.

1st - 3rd Grade
1st to 3rd grade students will participate in a 100 Mile Club Certificate Program. At the end of the year, each student will receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishment. This program is free.
4th - 5th Grade
4th and 5th grade students will join the 100 Mile Club Gold Medal Program. This program costs $10 per student and each student receives a 100 Mile Club t-shirt (once they achieve 25 miles) along with prizes when students complete 50 and 75 miles, and a beautiful medal at 100 miles. Registration forms for the Gold Medal Program have been sent home with 4th and 5th grade students - please ask your teacher if you didn't find one in your student's backpack.
There are a few rules:
All miles must be earned within the club setting. This means that the only miles that count are those earned at school (with the class or at lunch or recess) and logged by a teacher, or at fun runs or family runs organized by Loma Vista volunteers. Walking to school or jogging on the weekend do not count for the 100 Mile Club. The only exception is that miles can be earned at recognized community races like Dino Dash or Leprechaun Leap where proof of participation is given.

For more information, visit
Or ask your student's teacher, or Kelly Lowe.

LUNCH LAPS are now available to all of our 100 Mile Club runners!!
In order to run these laps, students have to go through zones on Loma Vista's field that are normally out of bounds during lunch break. Please remind your students to follow these simple guidelines:
  1. Find a lunchtime supervisors and let her know you would like to run laps.
  2. She will hand you a hot pink "Lunch Laps" pass, and you can start running!
  3. Check in with the lunch supervisor after each lap for a tally mark on your paper pass.
  4. When you are finished, total the number of laps you completed and have the lunch supervisor initial your pass!
  5. Submit the pink pass to your teacher so that he/she may add those laps to your total.
These laps can provide meaningful activity for those who are looking for something different to do at lunchtime and also for those who are very motivated to reach their running goal!

For more information on the 100 Mile Club, please visit