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The following is a list of documents specific to our school. The documents marked with an asterisk require printing, signing and returning to our school as part of the annual registration process.

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Suggested School Supply Lists for 2017/18

Parking at Loma Vista

There is no parent parking in the Loma Vista staff parking lot in front of the school on Prospect Avenue, or in the Trinity Church parking lot near Prospect. For more information on parking at Loma Vista, click HERE.

Outdoor Science School - 5th Grade - start saving now!

Every year, Loma Vista's 5th grade students look forward to a week of overnight camp in the local mountains. We refer to this as Outdoor Science School or OSS. This extended field trip is packed with science classes combined with a chance for students to practice some independence - the first time away from home for many - in a safe, structured environment. The cost for each student for 2017/18 is $325 and each year parents are asked to donate the full cost of their student's camp. Flexible payment options are available and the PTO offers a SCRIP program that parents can participate in starting as early as kindergarten to save up for OSS.

Look for information on SCRIP at the beginning of the school year - basically the SCRIP program offers Loma Vista families the chance to fundraise for themselves by purchasing gift cards for stores they would shop at anyway. Families purchase the gift cards at face value (ie: a family pays $50 for a $50 gift card) and the vendor credits that family's OSS account with an amount equal to a % of the gift card value. Over time those credits add up. Families who start early can earn enough to cover the whole cost of their student's OSS fee. Any extra funds in that family's account are applied to any other upcoming 5th grade students in that family. Once that family has no more 5th grade students, any leftover funds in their OSS account are donated to the PTO to cover OSS scholarships.