About Our School

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Legacy Magnet Academy is Tustin Unified School District’s newest magnet school and only 6th-12th grade campus.  At LMA, students receive all core content taught through the lens of TIDE: Technology, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship. 

Our Vision for Legacy Magnet Academy:

To be the premier 6-12 school in the region for students who wish to pursue their passion for technology, innovation, design and entrepreneurship, in preparation for college, career and future endeavors, facilitated in the context of collaboration, personalization, relevance and partnerships.

Our Guiding Principles:

Collaboration: Students, teachers and other stakeholders spend time together in joint intellectual efforts, exercising choice and making decisions in all elements of school life. Teachers plan and learn together utilizing an interdisciplinary approach enhanced by frequent and ongoing professional development with a focus and emphasis on Project Based and Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Personalization: A diverse learning community, built on powerful relationships, ensures that the emotional and intellectual needs of students are met. Goal setting and self-reflection are a key component of each student's instructional program.

Relevance: Teachers and students engage in authentic, in-depth learning experiences in the context of real-world problem solving through PBL. Learning occurs in a coherent manner through challenging inquiry and project-based curriculum, providing students access to content that they both understand the use for as well as find personal connection to.

Partnerships: Learning takes place inside the school and out, in cooperation with community, business, industry experts and higher education partners.  Partnerships provide human talent, facilities, technology and other resources necessary to prepare students for the ever-changing world of work and education.