About Our School

About Ladera Elementary School

Ladera Elementary School is part of the Tustin Unified School District, and it first opened for classes in the fall of 2001. The school’s name means “hillside” in Spanish. Ladera is one of 18 elementary schools serving the cities of Tustin and (West) Irvine.

In its inaugural year, Ladera served a student body of 250 students, 22 full-time staff members, and 25 part-time staff members. Ladera has a full capacity plan of 550 students. Ladera's 2017-2018 school year enrollment is approximately 380 Kindergarten through fifth grade students and approximately 130 SDC Pre-School students.

Ladera Elementary is designated as the site to host the Tustin Unified’s SDC Pre-School classes, as well as the district's Occupational Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis Clinics.

The school mascot is the Leo the Leopard and the school colors are red and white.

Ladera's Vision

At Ladera Elementary School, student success is built upon a commitment by parents, staff, and community to support each student as a life-long learner. We expect children to learn and succeed in reaching their maximum potential. Teachers receive ongoing training to increase their own professional knowledge and work collaboratively to plan and implement strategies which increase student performance. We feel strongly that students require a solid foundation in the basic skills. Children can then apply their knowledge through an inquiry based approach to learning in order to create meaning to their lives.

Academic success at Ladera Elementary is a top priority, but there is also a strong emphasis on the development of the total child. We feel assessment is the key to student achievement which then drives goal setting conferences outlining high expectations. We also believe that children need enrichment in other areas of the curriculum to grow as well rounded individuals. Our school wide climate promotes a safe, nurturing environment, where children feel a palpable sense of belonging. Welcoming adults and peers care about one another’s feelings and aspirations and support one another’s social, intellectual, and emotional growth.

Ladera's Mission Statement

Creating a positive learning environment with high expectations for all.

Ladera's Profile

Ladera Elementary School opened its doors on September 4, 2001 to approximately 250 students. The school currently serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth and the district’s special needs preschool program. It also houses the district’s only fully equipped occupational therapy unit, Early Childhood Intervention Program or ECIP speech program and Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic.