Susie Vanderlip-Legacy of Hope Assembly

Susie Vanderlip’s live presentation delivers an extraordinarily
captivating, dramatic, thought-provoking,

and mind-changing message for youth.

During Legacy of Hope teens are absorbing and awakening to the insights on:

The severe impact of alcohol and/or drug abuse on whole families;

How painful and curable depression and suicidal thoughts can be;

The dangers of self-harm, the cause and the cures;

How freedom from gang life is possible and even appealing;

Where teen pregnancy and AIDS stem from loneliness, low self-esteem;

How grief can look like anger, apathy or an 'attitude', and the critical tools necessary to process teen grief
in a healthy way;

How academic achievement, leadership and life success require emotional intelligence,
empathy and compassion, service and healthy self-care


Susie Vanderlip Assembly Photos