Hawk Pride Award

Hawk Pride Award

It is an honor to be selected for the Hillview “Hawk Pride Award”. You are looked upon by the staff as a leader on our campus. You have demonstrated leadership by setting an example with class work, the earning of credits, your respectful manner in the classroom or your willingness to help when and wherever you can.

We are proud of you as a student and individual and hope other students strive to earn the status you have deserved.


Hawk Pride Award-May 2018


Alvarado, Adrian - Mr. Ramirez

Barrera, Millet - Ms. Hastings

Barron, Kaitlyn - Ms. Barceló

Bartels, Tyler - Mrs. Chung

Calderon, Jose - Ms. Barceló

Eloyza, Steven - Mrs. Wetzel

Flores, Antonio - Ms. Cardoza

Martinez, Alejandro - Mr. Buckles

Martinez, Jason - Mr. E

Metcalf, Breanna - Ms. Watts

Noyes, Eden - Mrs. Combest

Ortiz, Julissa - Mr. Jennings

Reyes, Jennifer - Mrs. Gallick

Zwerling, Brendan - Mr. B