About Our School

Pic of the front of the school


Tim O’Donoghue, Principal
Nubia Barcelo, Counselor
Laszlo Berzsenyi: Computers, ROP, PE
Bob Buckles: Physical/Earth/Life Science
Bertha Cardoza: Art/Computer Graphics
Lynda Chung: Algebra 1B/CAHSEE

Heather Combest: English
Erik Eidenmuller: Social Studies

Leslie Hastings: History
Ivan Ramirez: RSP
Judy Watts: Language Arts, Music
Kristine Wetzel: English, Social Studies

Hillview High School is designed for students to reasonably accelerate the credit earning process. Hillview addresses the needs of those students who have fallen behind or have otherwise been unsuccessful in the comprehensive high school program. In most cases, the Hillview student is in smaller classes than he would be in the comprehensive high school program.

1. Hillview has a variable credit system. Rule of thumb, for every twelve productive days attended, a student has the opportunity to earn one credit for each class in which he/she is enrolled.

2. Hillview has a positive attendance system: i.e., if the student is absent for any reason, the opportunity for a productive day is lost.

3. Work Experience Credit: A student may receive five credits for every 100 paid work hours (maximum of 10 credits per semester), but the student must be present at school each day for which work credit is claimed. They must also attend a work experience class during lunch twice a week.

4. The Board of Education policy prohibits students less than 16 years of age to attend Hillview High School.

5. An RSP student can be admitted when his IEP clearly states that the student can be successful receiving fewer services than at the comprehensive high school.

6. LEP students must score 3 or above on the Woodcock-Munoz or CELDT test.

7. Students can reasonably expect to earn 35-40 credits in a semester. It is a rare student who earns more than 45 credits in a semester.

8. A student receives the most credit leverage benefit if he attends Hillview for a full year and also attends night school Adult Ed concurrent enrollment.

9. Hillview is a full day program – 8:00 AM to 1:59 PM (TO 2:48 PM IF ATTENDING 8 PERIODS). In some cases, a student can be granted a 4 period day.

10. Hillview offers a limited number of courses in any one subject area.

11. Hillview’s master schedule has limited flexibility.

12. Hillview students have access to Adult Ed concurrent enrollment.

13. Limited number of elective classes.

14. A student with attendance problems is at more of a risk academically at Hillview than at a comprehensive school.


Algebra 1B
Art, General
CAHSEE Language Arts
American Government
English 1 CP
English 2 CP
English 3 CP
English 4 CP
Informal Geometry
Keyboard/Comp Applications
Leadership ASB
Music Appreciation
Office Aide
Physical Education
ROP Computer Graphics
ROP Entrepreneurship
ROP Marketing
ROP Microsoft Office
Science, Earth
Science, Life
Science, Physical
Strength and Conditioning
World History
Teacher Aide
U.S. History
Work Experience