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As technology integration among schools increase across the country, ongoing support for teachers and students is in demand! Instructional coaches support technology integration with pedagogy, but Hicks Canyon is a large school and so why not implement “mini-coaches” or TECHsperts?

Hicks Canyon TECHsperts applied for their leadership role and meet weekly with Coach R and Mrs. Gumz to work on a variety of ways to grow as leaders and peer role models. They use Google Classroom, Seesaw and REMIND to communicate, collaborate and collect information. TECHsperts main role is to provide support to teachers and students.


  • collect data on the needs of our campus
  • visit classrooms once a week
  • teach new technology tools
  • support and lead small groups
  • introduce new and innovative ideas
  • support teachers with Google, Seesaw, DoInk and various educational apps

Hicks Canyon TECHsperts are an integral part of our campus and we are thankful for their hard work and dedication!

TECHsperts Application and Students
TECHsperts using a green screen
TECHspert working with paper rolls