MR. ERIC KILIAN - Principal

It has been my privilege to serve as Hewes Middle School Principal since 2014.  Prior to joining Hewes, I worked with the Tustin Unified School District as Principal of Heideman Elementary, and served as Assistant Principal of Pioneer Middle School.  Before that I taught 6th and 7th grade CORE at Hewes.

At Hewes, we strive for daily excellence, and rigorous, future minded programs that dynamically engage students for high levels of learning.  Our mantra is Rich Past.  Bold Future.  We look forward to an amazing year embracing our Bold Future together!


  • 2019  WASC Full Accreditation with highest rating of “6 Year Review Cycle”
  • 2018 ACSA Region XVII Middle School Principal of the Year Nominee
  • 2015 WASC Accreditation at Hewes Middle School and Gold Ribbon Award
  • 2013 ACSA Region XVII Administrator of the Year Award- Valuing Diversity
  • 2011 Administrative Team, O.C. Register’s Middle School of the Year
  • (Pioneer Middle School)
  • 2008 Orange County Teacher of the Year and Finalist California Teacher of the Year program


  • 2018 – Breakthrough Coach Training 
  • 2018 – Member of TUSD visitation team to Apple Headquarters (Fall 2018)
  • 2018 – Instructional Rounds Training
  • 2016 – Presenter TUSD Connect Institute 
  • 2016 – CMAST yearlong training  in conjunction with FHS through Loyola Marymount
  • 2015 – “Capturing Kid’s Hearts” 
  • 2014 – Cotsen Foundation training “Instructional Coaching for Principals”
  • 2012 – Member of TUSD visitation team to Mooresville, NC to study 1:1 device use.
  • 2010 – TUSD hosted “Principal Walkthrough Training”
  • 2008 – “Digital Storytelling” Training (OCDE)


Title Name Email Address
Principal Mr. Eric Kilian


Assistant Principal Dr. Katie Males


Counselor Mrs. JoAnne Motter


Data Clerk Jennifer Aguirre


Office Manager Julie Gullion


Secretary Cindy McCarthy


Health Clerk Stephanie Perez




Teacher Subject Email Address
Susan Anthony 8th Grade CORE
Liliane Aparicio Foreign Language
Stephen Astor Math 6 and Math 7
Tami Bailey 8th Grade Math / AVID
Grace Bibona RSP (Resource Program Specialist)
Diana Carroll 7th Grade Science
Christine Cherbone 6th Grade Science
Jeremy Cook 6th / 8th Grade Science
Amita Cooper 6th Grade Math
Rebecca Cordero Math 7A / Algebra I
Kathy de Arakal 8th Grade CORE
Tammy Domokos 7th Grade CORE
Janifer Douglas 6th Grade CORE
Nanette Ehrhard 7th Grade Physical Education
John Erhard Chorus
Kim Espinosa 7th Grade Math
Renee Gonalez Home Economics/Culinary/Yearbook
LaDonna Granito 6th Grade CORE / Science
Bill Hartman Wood Shop
Steve Hollingshead 7th Grade CORE / Exploratory / Video Production
Dean Jennings 6th Grade CORE/ Leadership
David Kang Art
Kathleen Lewis Strategic Math
Kris Lowe 8th Grade CORE
Katie Magnuson 6th Grade CORE/English Lang Dev
Kristen Mancini SDC (Special Day Class)
Dave Meek SDC (Special Day Class)
Susan Moffat 7th Grade CORE
Carter Mokhtari 7th Grade CORE
Eryn O'Day 8th Grade Math / STEM / Exploratory
Nicole Photoglou Math 6A / Exploratory
Kim Pyle 7th Grade Science / STEM
Kory Rascher 8th Grade Physical Education
Gisela Risco Spanish / English Language Dev
Katy Roper 6th Grade Physical Education
Tim Thomas Band
Elizabeth Turner 6th Grade CORE
Kristin Wagstaff 6th Grade CORE
Conrad Weber 8th Grade Science



Title Name Email Address
Cafe Manager Barbara Boyd
Digital Learning Coach Tiana Johnson


Library Media Tech Cynthia Rivera


Plant Manager Frank Rodriguez