Image of street sign saying "School Counselor Court"

Our Hewes' School Counselor, JoAnne Motter, is here to help!

How to Contact Mrs. Motter:

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School Counselor's Role

Middle school is an ideal time for self-development, personal/social growth, and setting academic goals.

School counselors develop comprehensive guidance programs aimed at meeting the academic, personal/social, and career needs of all students. Some common middle school issues include academic support, friendship dilemmas, grief, family concerns, bullying, peer conflicts, divorce, anger management, college-preparation etc.

Typical Counseling Tasks

  • Individual sessions
  • Parent meetings
  • Group sessions
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Conflict-resolution meetings
  • SST (Student Study Team) meetings
  • 504 Plans
  • Scheduling (master schedule, student schedules, Elective Video)
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Goal setting for college and career planning
  • High school transition plan for 8th grade students
  • Referrals to therapists for on-going counseling
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • On-going collaboration with teachers and all staff members

How are Students Referred to the Counselor?

I am available to all students, parents and staff. Referrals are made by teachers, parents and students (self-referrals).

We are aware that students are not sure what the process is to set up a meeting. We have good news! Students have several options:

  • Stop in before school, during break, lunch or after-school to see if I am available
  • Send me an e-mail
  • Leave a note for me in the front office (I have a box on my door)
  • Let us know that we need to meet when you see me around campus (I love this!)
  • Hand me a note when you see me around campus if you do not want anyone to overhear
  • Ask your teacher at an appropriate time if you can come to the office
  • Leave me a voicemail

We realize that some students may feel shy or nervous about coming in to the office to meet with a school counselor for the first time. School counselors are trained to listen to others and create a safe environment for students to share thoughts and feelings. My favorite part of the counseling process is collaborating with students to create a variety of appropriate solutions.

-Mrs. Motter