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Students who like to participate and achieve at Hewes will find many ways to be challenged. Some may be recipients of one of numerous awards given in scholarship, electives, athletics, citizenship, and service.


Throughout the school year, essay, art and other academic contest opportunities may be available for students to demonstrate ability and excellence. Your teachers, the PTA and administrators will provide ongoing information.


The highest honor an 8th grade student can receive is given at the Promotion Ceremony. One eighth grade boy and one eighth grade girl will be selected by the staff as the winner of the coveted American Legion Award. Selection is based on: 1) patriotism, 2) service to the school, 3) cooperation and courtesy, 4) leadership, 5) scholarship, and 6) morality, integrity and respect for property and people. Grades, behavior and attitude throughout all three years at Hewes Middle School will be considered when choosing American Legion Awards recipients.


Approximately twenty of the top eighth grade citizens are selected each year to receive special recognition for their outstanding behavior and attitude.


Any student with a 3.5 grade point average or higher in a full academic program will be considered on Honor Roll each semester. Students achieving Honor Roll for all six semesters will receive special recognition.


These special awards are given to the top eighth grade Hewes students in each academic and elective area. Award winners are recognized at the end-of-year awards assembly.


Students of the Month are acknowledged for their contributions to Hewes Middle School. These students are selected for this honor in one of four categories: 1) Positive Attitude; 2) Student Leadership; 3) Consideration and Courtesy; and 4) Academic Improvement or Excellence.


Hewes is a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports School. This program focuses on creating a positive learning environment.

Activity Center and MPR

Lunch Area/


Parking Lot and Back gate



Computer lab

Locker Room


Emergency Procedures


Always follow staff directives and lead with a positive outlook.

Use conversational voices and respect others property and personal space.

Stay within designated boundaries.

Always watch for and yield to moving vehicles. Respect self, school and adults present.

Use conversational voices and walk directly to your destination. Keep your hands, words, and belongings to yourself.

Enter and exit quietly.

Handle books with care.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Respect others property.

Respect the privacy of others. Be quick, quiet and clean.

Stay quiet and listen for directions from teacher or staff.


Be in your assigned area, dressed out with learning materials before the bell rings. Be ready to learn.

No backpacks, no cuts, no excuses.

Pick up your trash and stay on the pathways. Stay out of the planters.

After dismissal bell clear campus within 10 minutes. Wait in designated pick up areas.

Use crosswalk.

Keep your own locker organized.

Lock your locker.

No sharing!

Use computers for academic purposes.

Return books in a timely manner.

Lock up all personal items.

Do not share combinations.

Remember to flush and clean up after yourself. Wash your hands.

Move quickly to your designated area. Line up alphabetically.


Better grades.

Better sportsmanship.

Cleaner environment.

Friendly interactions with students and staff.

Cool and safe place to hang out.

Safety for all!

Smooth transition between classes. You will be ready to learn when you arrive in class.

More academic opportunities.

You will be prepared and on time to class each day.

Be mindful of those waiting in line. Be polite. Maintain the cleanliness of the facility. Protect your health.

Safer campus.


Start of Class


Transition Time

Classroom Activities

I need assistance, Time?

End of Class

IPad Use


Be on time and quiet. Get your materials before class.

Do your own homework. Follow directions.

Be quiet, quick and organized so you are ready for your next task.

Be quiet, follow directions, and expect others to listen.

Hand in the air. Be patient. Reread directions. Listen to the explanation.

Reminder that class doesn’t end until the teacher says it is finished.

Respectfully use IPad ensuring adherence to school expectations.


Ensure you have all materials required to be successful. Ears open, mouth quiet.

Write assignments in Binder Reminder. Take books home when needed. Get ahead if possible.

Follow class routines, model teacher expectations, be ready.

Keep on task, follow time lines and limits. Be willing to participate and be productive.

Take note of your questions to be asked at appropriate time.

Pick up all your materials and trash.

Be responsible in use of the IPad, only using school appropriate apps and sites.


Readiness to learn. Academic success.

Grades that reflect your work. Better participation, better citizenship.

Smooth transitions, more learning time, and time to begin work in class.

More activities because you can handle the freedom.

Answers may come from lecture.

You will have all the materials you need at home.

Rigorous, high-level learning takes place.


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The primary goal of Hewes Middle School is to provide appropriate learning experiences for every student to achieve personal academic success. Students are expected to attend all classes promptly and to be well-prepared.

1. At least one hour each day at home should be reserved for study, review and reading. Some assignments will require longer hours for research and class participation.

2. All written work must have an appropriate heading (including full name, date, and class period); must be legible and on a standard size of notebook paper, and have correct grammar usage with correct punctuation and spelling.

3. Progress reports will be mailed home at mid-quarter when a student is having problems in class or is in danger of failing a course. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate teacher regarding these reports. Honors level students will receive a progress report for any mid-term progress at or below a “B-“

4. Grade reports will be mailed home at the close of each semester.

5. The guidance counselor is available to discuss particular concerns. Appointments may be scheduled in the office.

6. Achievement tests are administered to students at times and grade levels designated by the district and the state.



All students begin with an "S" in citizenship and work habits and must show the characteristics of an "O" to earn that mark on their report card.


  • exceeds satisfactory expectations
  • Helps others and is a leader
  • Self-disciplined
  • Courteous
  • Trustworthy
  • Promotes welfare of the class - better because they are there
  • Demonstrates personal and academic integrity



  • Respectful and sensitive to others
  • Cooperative and solves problems
  • Pays attention
  • Regularly follows school and class rules
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Responds appropriately to correction/remediation
  • Responds appropriately in classroom situations
  • Is on time (fewer than 4 tardies)
  • NO behavior referrals
  • Dresses appropriately
  • Demonstrates PBIS expectations



  • Excessive talking and disruptive behavior
  • Not respectful to others and/or property
  • Uncooperative
  • Inappropriate language
  • Poor participation
  • Off task
  • 4 or more tardies
  • Poor attitude
  • Chews gum/eats food
  • Dresses inappropriately
  • Multiple technology violations


  • Cheats / forges / steals
  • Consistently defiant / disrespectful / disruptive
  • Inappropriate contact
  • Habitually tardy
  • No attempts to improve attitude / behavior




All students begin with an "S" in citizenship and work habits and must show the characteristics of an "O" to earn that mark on their report card.

  • Performs above and beyond expectations
  • Positive approach to subjects
  • Always prepared for class
  • Completes ALL assignments on time
  • Always on task
  • Eagerly participates in class
  • Plans ahead


  • Meets expectations
  • Demonstrates best effort
  • Prepared for class with books, materials and assignments
  • Willingly participates and collaborates
  • Follows through with make-up work
  • NO academic referrals
  • Consistently on task
  • Follows directions
  • Organized
  • Observes school academic honesty policy


  • Has not met all expectations
  • Incomplete / late / missing assignments
  • Demonstrates little effort
  • Not on task
  • Avoids class participation or collaboration
  • Avoids academic help
  • Neglects remediation attempts
  • Disorganized
  • Multiple technology violations


  • Demonstrates no effort
  • Negative approach to subject
  • Consistently unprepared
  • Refuses to participate or collaborate


As you begin the new school year work to set SMART Goals that allow you to achieve academic success. Remember, "Embracing the Climb," requires you to take the first step.

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Ride the learning wave at Hewes!

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View of library with new cafe-style furniture

Hewes' Library is a calm, inviting space where students can find books for leisurely reading or to support research and other school assignments. The library is also a favorite spot to tackle schoolwork, recharge devices or relax for a quiet moment.

The Computer Lab is located in the library.

  • iPad Damaged? Bring damaged iPads to the library for help with the repair process.
  • iPad Connectivity Issues? The librarian can help!
  • Lost iPad? Please report to the librarian.
  • Lost & Found - Hewes' Lost and Found is in the library.
  • Textbooks - extra copies of some textbooks are available for loan in the library.
  • Printing - students may print school assignments in the Computer Lab located in the library.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

The STEM program at Hewes continues to expand and push the limits into new possibilities.

Read more HERE.

STEM logo Innovate, inspire, influence

WRITING - Critical Thinking (CER + A)


What do you know?
  • Response to the question/prompt/problem.
  • A statement you can prove.
  • Main idea/conclusion.
Helpful Hints:
  • Use keywords from the question or prompt in your claim.
  • Avoid using "I think" or "I believe"


How do you know that?
What happened?
What does the text SAY?
Proof from ...
  • Data Text (quote or summary from a story or article)
  • Observation
  • Research
Helpful Hints:
  • Provide reliable information that supports your claim
  • Sentence starters ...
  • The author states ...
  • According to the passage
  • In the text ...
  • From my observations
  • The data shows ...
  • According to (cite research) ...
  • On page ___, the author claims ...


Why and how does your evidence support your claim?
What does it MEAN?
May include ...
  • An interpretation / support
  • An analysis
  • Scientific rule
  • A principle
  • A scientific / math property
Read between the lines.
Helpful Hints:
  • Should offer new insight
  • This is your analysis (your thinking)
  • Link evidence to claim
  • Acknowledgement of connections between ideas
Sentence Starters:
  • This means ...
  • This expresses the idea ...
  • This shows ...
  • This reveals ...
  • This confirms ...


Why does it MATTER (in life, in a text, to me, to others)?
  • How does it apply in real-life?
  • What problems can be solved because of this?
  • What are the implications (possible outcomes or results)?
  • What is the significance?
  • So what?
  • Why is it important?
Helpful Hints:
Sentence starters:
  • This is important because ...
  • This applies to ...
  • This implies ...
  • This proves ...
  • This suggests ...
  • This signifies ...