Academic Timelines for 2017-2018

1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
Progress Reports9/22/201712/01/20172/23/20185/11/2018
Quarter Grades10/20/20171/09/20184/06/20186/15/2018


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The primary goal of Hewes Middle School is to provide appropriate learning experiences for every student to achieve personal academic success. Students are expected to attend all classes promptly and to be well-prepared.

1. At least one hour each day at home should be reserved for study, review and reading. Some assignments will require longer hours for research and class participation.

2. All written work must have an appropriate heading (including full name, date, and class period); must be legible and on a standard size of notebook paper, and have correct grammar usage with correct punctuation and spelling.

3. Progress reports will be mailed home at mid-quarter when a student is having problems in class or is in danger of failing a course. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate teacher regarding these reports. Honors level students will receive a progress report for any mid-term progress at or below a “B-“

4. Grade reports will be mailed home at the close of each semester.

5. The guidance counselor is available to discuss particular concerns. Appointments may be scheduled in the office.

6. Achievement tests are administered to students at times and grade levels designated by the district and the state.


As you begin the new school year work to set SMART Goals that allow you to achieve academic success. Remember, "Embracing the Climb," requires you to take the first step.

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Classroom time is for instruction, discussion, and clarification, additional study time may be needed for maximum success. Home study is necessary for practicing and refining skills, completing assignments/projects, reading, writing, research, practice and review. Homework also provides opportunities for parents to monitor student understanding and quality of work.



All Middle School students are highly encouraged to have the following items with them each school day:

●Textbooks - loaned to students for their use during the school year

●iPad - Highly suggested to have the device charged to at least 75% which would allow the student to utilize this learning tool throughout the school day.

Some kind of hand written note taking device such as:

●Binder – three ring binder with dividers or spiral notebooks

●Notebook paper – supply of three-hole, ruled paper

●Spiral bound notebooks for subjects

●Binder Reminder

●Pencil pouch – filled with #2 pencils, pens, colored pencils, eraser, calculator

●Backpack/Book bag – for carrying all student books and materials

*Specific class supplies will be discussed in each class.*

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

The STEM program at Hewes continues to expand and push the limits into new possibilities. STEM 1 and STEM 2 courses have historically been offered for 7th and 8th grade students. In 2017/18 a 6th grade STEM class was added to the elective wheel. In this course, students begin to learn about forensics, 3D printing and amazingly, even designing their own apps that actually work. The apps are designed in groups and work from the design phase to the 'test' phase on an external device in real time. The students begin learning algorithms in computer science, block coding, and debugging. The apps students create are for real purposes that benefit students, professionals, and public health. The "force has awoken" in this process at Hewes, as students are loving this inspiring experience.

In our 7th and 8th grade STEM classes, students work on app design and innovation in a number of other ways: building and programming robots to drive through a maze autonomously, furthering skills on the design program Autodesk to print out a variety of items on the 3D printer, and our students are entering the Makers Challenge at Chapman University. Groups work to invent and create a prototype of an invention that will better society. One project last year was a drone designed with a camera mounted with the ability to scan fires before firefighters enter.

The STEM program is thriving and our students are certain to positively influence the world in the years ahead!