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Hello Aviators,

I miss seeing you in the library every day but I am so excited for our adventures in 2020-2021!  Follow along with me on Twitter and Facebook and look for upcoming read-alouds!

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Heritage Elementary Distance Library

  CLICK HERE to access lots of wonderful read-alouds and other fun links! 



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NEW!  Destiny Discover is the online portal to the Heritage Library!  Beginning the week of December 7th, Heritage students will be able to place Heritage Library books on hold and pick them up at school.  We are piloting this process with 2nd-5th grades, adding lower grades once the process is running smoothly.  

Heritage Library Hold Process
  • Students log into Destiny Discover by clicking on the Student Portal and then Follett Destiny OR by logging in through a web browser:  Locations would be California, School would be Heritage Elementary School, Tustin, CA
  • Student will need to log in with their TUSD User Name (first name + last initial + last 4 permanent ID - no spaces) and their TUSD Password (tusd + entire long ID number)
  • Students may place up to 6 Holds on Library Books thru Destiny Discover.  They can save more books in a Favorite List and put them on hold when their hold reserve goes down.
  • Library books placed on Hold are pulled by the librarian and checked out to the student. There is a 2 Book checkout limit. (This first round will be done the week before Winter Break)
  • HYBRID STUDENTS: I will deliver checked out books to student classrooms.
  • DISTANCE LEARNERS: Will have the opportunity to pick up their books at the Wednesday Book Bag exchanges (1/6, 1/20, 2/3, 2/17 and 3/3.)  if returning and exchanging, Distance Learner MUST indicate how many books they are returning via THIS FORM.
  • Once books are returned, they will be placed on a Quarantine Cart in the Library for 7 days and then be returned to the shelves for check-out.
  • Look here for information about the Return Process and subsequent check outs after Winter Break.


 TUSD SORA Online eBooks and Audio Books
TUSD has a wonderful collection of 1000's of books that students can access through their TUSD devices, from their home computer or personal devices!  CLICK HERE to access information about this wonderful new resource!



The Orange County Public Library is a wonderful resource to use while our Heritage Library is on hiatus - or really anytime! 

E-Books From the OCPL

Heritage Library Policies & Procedures