Heritage Library Policies & Procedures

What are the expected behavior requirements in the Heritage Library:

Quiet Library Voices – no raised voices or yelling.

Quiet Library Feet – no running, jumping, climbing on furniture or other disruptive behavior.

Respect for library books and furnishings.

Respect for all adults and students in the library.

What is required to Check Out Books at the Heritage Elementary School Library?

All students and parents are required to read and sign the TUSD Book Replacement Policy for Elementary Schools before students may check books out of the Library. This form is sent home with each student on the first day of school and is also included in the online registration process.

Students must show responsibility in caring for and return of Library books. Students who show repeated lack of responsibility may have their library privileges suspended at the discretion of the School Administration and Librarian.

Who is responsible for books checked out of Library?

The student who checks the book out of the Library is solely responsible for the book including its maintenance and safe return.

When May Books Be Checked Out?

During the student's regular weekly Library time - usually lasting 30 minutes.

During morning recess or select lunch time recess periods.

How Many Books May A Student Check Out?

The number of books checked out is dependent on the discretion of the teacher and librarian.

Books may be taken home at the discretion of the teacher.

Book Check Out Time Limits:

ALL Library Books are checked out for 1 week at a time. Students may re-check a book one additional time. Additional re-checks are considered if there is no wait list for the book at the discretion of the Librarian.

Can Books Be Renewed?

As stated in the TUSD Book Replacement Policy for Elementary Schools “Library books must be returned each week. Students may check out their book(s) for a second week if they are brought to the library for renewal on his or her library day.” ALL Books MUST be re-checked out in person.

Can students check out books if they do not return all checked out books?

No - Please remind your student to bring ALL library books back to the library in order to check-out or re-check additional books.

What if a Library book is lost or damaged?

If a book is lost or damaged, the replacement or repair cost must be paid before the student can check out any additional books. The Librarian will provide a statement with the value of the book(s).