How does your curriculum differ from other TUSD schools?New Panel

A STEAM focus is added to all curriculum in addition to our teaching is Project based.

Is Common Core followed?

Yes, all public schools in California and in Tustin Unified follow the Common Core. At Heritage we have a STEAM focus added to all curriculum.

Why don’t you have homework?

We use a Project Based Learning format which means must all learning happens as a project in the classroom, outside work is not required. We do have reading assignments each night which support the students’ academic growth.

When can I register my student?

All registration information and dates are listed on our website in addition to information on the TUSD website.

May I come in to tour the school?

We do not conduct private tours, but the district scheduled tour date for the 2018-2019 school year is Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 9:00am and 11:00am.

What middle school does your school feed into?

Currently we feed into Currie Middle School. You may put in a transfer request through the district office if you are interested in a different Middle School. There are future plans to build a Middle school down the street from Heritage.

Is there space available?

That is determined by the district office and all inquiries must start there.

How does the transfer process work and when can I submit transfer info?

On the TUSD website there is a list of open transfer dates for Intra and Inter district transfers. All decisions are made at district level not at site level.

What are your class sizes?

Class sizes are consistent with district wide class size limits and vary by grade level.

How many students at school?

We opened the school with approximately 280 students. We do anticipate growth in 2017-18 and project that we may have 400-450 students.

Do you offer P.E., Music, and Art?

Yes all grades levels have weekly P.E., and we have enhanced Art and Music Programs i.e. Art Masters, John Yeiser, 3/4/5 grade music lessons.

Do you offer after school care?

We have CDC on campus that offers before and after school care.

How was the teaching staff selected?

Our Teachers were selected from a wide pool of applicants from within and outside of the district. All come with a strong science, technology and math background and have attended various trainings and conferences related to STEAM.