Common Sense Media

For information, recommendations and tools for media and technology geared toward children go to You can find age-appropriate and educational ratings and reviews for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, books and music. This site can be helpful for families looking to make smart media choices in this ever-changing digital world.

Digital Citizenship

In efforts to maintain a safe online environment for students as well as provide students with an understanding of the benefits and warning of an online world, Tustin Unified has adopted a Digital Citizenship curriculum by Common Sense Media. It addresses the following topics: Internet Safety, Privacy & Security, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying & Digital Drama, Digital Footprint & Reputation, Self-image & Identity, Information Literacy, Creative Credit & Copyright.

Every student in grades K-12 will participate in digital citizenship lessons provided by their school. This information will be recorded in our student assessment database. The site they use is Other resources that have been made available to teachers and parents are:

TUSD Web Safety Resources Page (redundant - points back to DO)

TUSD Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement here / TUSD Contrato Aprobado Del Uso De La Tecnologia aqui

TUSD Technology Community Haiku Page

Here you will find information regarding the devices and some of the services that the students in Tustin Unified are using to enhance their learning experience.

TUSD Connect Haiku Page

On this page you will find resources for all the technology used in the district.

Our Mission is to:

Transform teaching and learning with the integration of technology to support educators by engaging students in rigorous, collaborative, and meaningful experiences that will impact society.