Meeting 1

Foothill High School

2022-23 School Site Council (SSC) Meeting #1

September 22, 2022 @ 3:30 pm



SSC Attendance for this meeting included: (number of attendees)



SSC parents/guardians or community members



School Staff Certificated



School Staff Classified





A quorum must be present in order to conduct business. A quorum of the committee members:

X  Has been met.

    Has not been met.


I.        Welcome and Introductions


II.       Call to Order @ 3:36 p.m.

a.       Approval of Minutes 

The minutes were approved by Roger Kavigan and seconded by Tamara Randall as read and/or corrected.             

b.       Approval of Proposed Agenda 

The agenda was approved by Roger Kavigan and seconded by Stella Ortega.


III.      Committee Reports

 a.  DELAC – Reported by Crystal Kirch, the first meeting will be held on October 13, 2022. Amy Puzantian asked what DELAC stands        for and Crystal replied District English Learner Advisory Committee. Crystal reported that there are eight families signed up to          meet at the DELAC meeting.


IV.      Legal Requirements

a. SSC Committee Training – Ms. England reviewed the SSC responsibilities with the attendees of the council. Introductions of the members were conducted. Ms. England presented the slides for the SSC training session. She also talked about the public funds. The SSC meetings are open to the public, and anyone can request a topic to discuss.

b. SSC Bylaws – Last years Bylaws were discussed.

                       i.     Adopt bylaws – Roger Kavigan and Kylie Tang will review Foothill’s Bylaws and present to the council and the next meeting.

c. Election of Officers – Ms. England requested nominations and officers were appointed. Chair person is Kylie Tang, student, Vice Chair person is Leo Maffey, student, Parliamentarian is Roger Kavigan, Secretary is Allison Kline, all nominations – all members in favor and no one opposed.

d. Greene Act

e. TUSD Annual Notices – Parent/Student Rights and Responsibilities

f. TUSD Parent Involvement Policy

g. Uniform Complaint Procedures – This explains how we respond to a written formal complaint.

h. Annual Title I Parent Meeting (TI schools)

i. Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Home/School Compact (TI schools)

j. 2022-23 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

k. 2021-22 Student Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) – Annual Evaluation

l. 2022-23 SPSA Development

                          i.     Comprehensive analysis of student data (CAASPP, ELPAC, STAR, RR)

                          ii.     Budget Allocations, including carryover

                          iii.     Input from SSC and Advisory committees / ELAC/WASC

  • Smarter Balanced Performance Summary shared with SSC members.

  • Foothill has 169 English learners

  • Other languages spoken by Foothill students: Russian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Mandarin

m. Parent Involvement and Education Opportunities (District and School)


V.      Unfinished Business


VI.     New Business


IX.     Adjournment

a. Motion to adjourn the meeting made by: Roger Kavigan & Stella Ortega second the motion

b. Meeting adjourned at: 4:28 p.m.


Materials Provided or Presented to SSC members:

●       List of SSC members

●       Information about purpose of SSC and the roles and responsibilities of members (Committee Training PowerPoint

presentation slides)

●       SSC Bylaws

●       Greene Act

●       TUSD Annual Notices – Parent/Student Rights and Responsibilities

●       TUSD Parent Involvement Policy

●       TUSD Uniform Complaint Procedures – Policy, Regulations, and Forms

●      Title I School Parent Engagement Policy and Home/School Compact (TI schools)

●      2022-23 LCAP

●      Meeting Dates for the Year

●      Current Budget Summary reports for all Categorical Funds

●      2021-22 SPSA Evaluation

●      2022-23 SPSA Draft

●      Parent Involvement and Education Opportunities (flyers, booklets, etc.)