Freshmen How-To Page

Welcome to the Class of 2026! This page will help you get started on your journey. Welcome to all of our Freshmen! And remember, once a Knight, Always a Knight!

Here are few things that will help you get started:


1. Fill out this interest survey - Use this link for the Google Form. This will NOT automatically enroll you in a sport & is no way an obligation on your part. This will allow head coaches to create an email blast of information about their summer programs & next steps for athletes. Each sport is a little different.
2. Physicals - You will need a current physical to participate. You can get the physical form by following this link. Physicals will need to be updated annually. To participate in summer programs, you will at a minimum need to have scheduled a physical with your physician.
3. Register on - This link will redirect you to our page about registering, concussion testing & our code of conduct. ALL ATHLETES & PROSPECTIVE ATHLETES will need to do this prior to tryouts, summer or their seasons. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED, YOU MAY BE UNENROLLED FROM YOUR SPORT.
4. Contact the head coach for more information - Use this link for a list of coaches & websites (click on the sport name to go to their website). The head coaches will have the most updated information regarding their practices, tryouts, etc.
5. Summer programs - Many sports offer summer programs; some do not. Contact the head coach for information on their summer plan. You can visit the Summer 2022 page for more information. SUMMER PROGRAMS ARE NOT MANDATORY, but do offer coaches the ability to both work with you and assess your skills. PARTICIPATION IN SUMMER IS NOT MANDATORY TO TRY OUT for a sport; but again, many of the skills that will be evaluated will have been part of the summer program. Coaches will work with all students that have financial restrictions - your economic state will not keep you from participating in summer.
6. Tryouts - This is our page for tryouts, but is often out-of-date. We will try to keep this updated, & coaches will try to put tryouts in the announcements. The best way to have the most current information is to contact the head coach. (above)
7. P.E./Athletics Class - Most sports are offered year-round during the school year. Sports will take the place of your mandatory (two-year) P.E. requirement. Enrollment in a sport/P.E. class is up to the head coaches. In mid-July, coaches are asked for their fall rosters. These rosters will be used to create the Athletics class. You can ask your counselor or ADs, but ultimately both will contact the coach for approval. So the best bet is to contact the head coach (above) to see what they need from you. Each sport is a little different.

It is a two-step process:
1st: Contact the coach. The coach will be asked if you should be in the program (it may consist of a simple 'ok' from the coach, or may require a tryout). Once the coach gives your name to the ADs, you will be in 6TH PERIOD ATHLETICS ONLY. It is not the same as being on the official roster/roll sheet.
2nd: Complete your athletic clearance ( registration AND submit a completed physical. If your name appears on the coach's roll sheet, you are complete and in the 6th Period Sport Class!

Other questions? Click here to send an email to Vince Namba (AD).
Getting started can be intimidating. Hopefully this helps you get started.
Welcome to the Foothill family!