Link Crew

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a Foothill High School program that emphasizes a smooth transition for all freshmen students that come to Foothill High School. Led by Senior and Junior leaders, freshmen will experience and learn the values, traditions, and positive social atmosphere that Foothill reflects in a yearlong small group. From the beginning, freshmen students will receive a riveting 9th grade orientation, participate in freshmen only activities, and benefit from the experience of the peer leader pair that will be in contact with them. Sophomores and Juniors can apply to be a Link Crew leader in each April for the following year.


Ross Goldman & Mike Lee

Link Crew Leaders
LC Leaders Hand out Rally Towels

Link Leader Code of Conduct:

All leaders are expected to hold true to a code of conduct. Failure to follow all items will result in removal from the Link Crew program.

1. Dignity - I shall respect the dignity and individuality of the people I encounter during my tenure in Link Crew

2. Duty to Inform – I understand that I have a duty to inform an adult supervisor about any situations regarding students in harm’s way

3. Supervision – I understand I will be supervised by a variety of adults and agree to follow the guidance that is offered in supervision

4. School Policy – I shall follow all school policies. If I neglect to follow policies, it could result in termination from Link Crew

5. Honesty – I understand the importance of being honest and will not be dishonest to benefit other students on this campus, as well as myself

6. Leadership – I understand that I am a leader in this program and will lead in a positive way both on and off the Foothill campus.

To get connected to Link Crew and upcoming freshmen events, text "@fresh22fhs" to the number 81010.