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FHS Request for Fundraising Form

Please submit this form 2 full weeks prior to the date of your fundraiser. For questions about fundraisers, please email David Waibel at

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Please describe in detail what the fundraiser is and how the money earned will be used for the school program.


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Note: If location is on campus, you must request to use the facility from Brett D'Errico, Assistant Principal at


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If you are depositing money into the ASB account, you must include the name and account number associated with your program (i.e. Leadership Account, #970). If you are not using the school ASB account, write N/A


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Down payment, supplies, etc


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How much money (in dollars) do you anticipate raising from the event? 


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If you would like foothill to advertise your fundraiser, we can post on our website or school marquee

Covid-Related: Please describe, in detail, how your program is going to adhere to the Covid safety guidelines outlined in the TUSD Safe Reopening Plan? (Distribution/handling of items) *