Tobacco Prevention Slogan Contest flyer

Tobacco Prevention Campaign Slogan


Graphic Design Contest


●       Student must create a graphic design that includes a slogan

●       Slogan must have positive messaging

●       Slogan must be short, catchy and easy to understand (10 words or less)

●       Slogan must be grammatically correct, no slang allowed

●       Slogan must include either the school name OR the name of the school mascot

●       Design must include cessation information & the following statement:

○       If you or someone you care would like free help quitting tobacco, call 1-866-NEW-LUNG

●       Design must incorporate school colors

●       Design may include the school mascot, but is not required

●       Students can use Canva, Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design platforms

Slogan Example: “Wildcats Share Clean Air”   ***** NO SLANG*****


●       One entry per student

●        Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered

●       Slogan campaign designs CANNOT have the following:

○       Images depicting the use of tobacco or tobacco products, including e-cigarettes

○       Images containing tobacco, e-cigarettes, or paraphernalia

○       Profane or negative language (e.g. “don’t be a fool”)

○       Images depicting mortality (e.g. skeletons, skulls, crossbones, etc.)

○       Images showing brand name products, logos or copyrighted materials


Please submit your entry HERE.