FHS Clubs

Come out and join your favorite clubs during Club Rush!

Date: September 14th, 2018

Time: During Lunch

Place: In the FHS Quad

Club Rush
Anime Club (#3)To help introduce Japanese culture through the use of anime.
Artists UnitedThe Artists United Club is designed to create a safe community for artists of every branch at Foothill, including but not limited to art, choir, theater and film. We will create a bimonthly online magazine highlighting the projects and events happening within the art community.
Asian Support ClubOur primary purpose is to raiseawareness for the Asian-American student body in Foothill High School, reconnect with our cultures, as well as teaching self-love to not only ourselves, but also those who are also in our position.
AVID ClubThe purpose of the AVID Club is to draw more awareness for understanding college and to support/fundraiser for the AVID program at Foothill High school. College awareness is vital for any student who wishes to attend a University, therefore taking part of the AVID Club will introduce preparation of a high school student.
Beach ClubTo teach people how to enjoy the beach and also how to take care of it
Beach Volleyball ClubThe purpose of the Beach Volleyball Club is to offer a fun and safe outlet for the people who love to go to the beach and have fun and the people who like volleyball, but do not want the stress of playing for school and trying out for a team. We would help the community by volunteering at beach tournaments.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Club (BBBS club)
The Big Brothers Big Sisters Club is designed to provide strong and enduring, one-to-one, professionally supported mentoring relationships for every child who needs and wants one,in addition to changing the life of a child for the better, and for every child to have the opportunity to succeed in life and live up to their full potential.
Blind Children's Learning Center ClubThe Blind Children’s Learning Center Club’s main purpose is to bring volunteer help to the local BCLC that we have here in Tustin while helping high school students receive volunteer hours. It is also meant to open high school student’s eyes to the different kinds of learning disabilities that others have to face everyday and bring awareness to it.
Board Game ClubThe Board Game Club is designed to make a club where people can have fun and get to know each other through playing various board games. Members can bring any appropriate board games and play with anyone else in the club at lunch.
Book ClubBook Club is designed to create a tight-knit reading community. Book Club is meant to be a safe space in which members read together and privately so that as we progress through the book(s), we can enjoy book analysis and review together (like which characters we liked better or how we would’ve changed the ending)
Books for Kids (May update name)We would be making short stories for kids in a hospital and we would go and read it to them. This not only would help the kids but it will help FHS students with writing, storytelling, and presenting skills.
Brawlhalla The Brawlhalla's clubs purpose is to bring people together. Our main goal is to help fellow members meet new friends and form bonds that will last throughout their high school career. The secondary goal of this club is to spread our passion for this game and to generally have a good time.
BTG Club (Be the Good)Be the Good Club was designed in order to give back to the community in all forms. Volunteering that focuses on homeless
California Scholarship Federation (CSF)The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation is to encourage academically motivated students to become active in and to offer assistance to their community. Each semester, members participate in a club-organized service project for a different group in Orange County. The motto of the California Scholarship Federation is “Scholarship for Service.” Click here for more about CSF
Candid Creativity ClubCandid Creativity aims to create a fun, supportive, and non-judgemental environment where students can share their creativity and passion for whatever it is they create, whether it be drawings, paintings, films, photography, fashion designs, writing, comedy, acting, music etc. Hopefully, even students who don’t have anything to share would feel more than welcome to join and help support, and maybe even be inspired to begin to create things themselves! Having a creative outlet and feeling like you are heard and appreciated can be a way for students to find confidence in themselves and feel inspired, both in their art and their lives. “Candid” meaning that students shouldn’t feel the need to have a finished product or a perfect piece for their art to be worth sharing; “creativity” obviously meaning with hopes of cultivating and supporting creativity among students.
Cat Clubto create a postive enviroment for cat supporters, as well as participate in the community working with local cat shelters, in order to educate and answer any car related questions
Chase Greatness ClubChase Greatness Club is designed to encourage high school students to strive for excellence and start a chain reaction of kindness through actions small and/or large. We also assist club members in finding their calling for philanthropic services. We hope to provide opportunities for students to serve others through multiple fields and show that you can make an impact on the world.
Chess ClubThe Chess Club is designed as a way for all students to acquire a newfound love for chess, whether they are first-time players, long-time masters, or somewhere in between. Foothill tournaments will be organized, and entrance into local tournaments will be made available for willing members.
Club S.H.O.C.K.Club S.H.O.C.K. (Students for Hospitalized O.C. Kids) is a volunteer based organization for students seeking to help out other children in need. Students will work in a hospital environment with patients who experienced a traumatizing accidents and are in need of medical help. As well, students will have an opportunity to donate gifts to the hospital, either by making them themselves or buying them.
Coding ClubThe Coding Club serves students who are interested in computer programming. Members will also have the opportunity to work on app or website development as a team and teach middle and elementary school students how to code.
Crayon ClubThe Crayon Club is designed to collect used crayons from people and donate them to a Children's Hospital through the organization called The Crayon Initiative. We will also include/ incorporate other community service activities.
Creative Writing ClubThe Creative Writing Club is designed to grant Foothill students the opportunity to discover their voice. The Creative Writing Club also seeks to raise awareness of stories that matter and to invest in the transformative power of creativity. The Creative Writing Club is associating with online nonprofit organization, National Novel Writing Month, to build writing confidence and create a vibrant, literate community here at Foothill.
Defend HawaiiDefend Hawaii’s goal is to educate Foothill on the Aloha Culture. Defend Hawai’i plans to work with various Hawaiian charities that benefit the Aloha Culture.
Dungeons & Dragons ClubTo create a social gathering place for Dungeons and Dragons players to meet one another, learn, create, and debate game aspects.
Ethan and Choco's Book ClubThe Ethan and Choco’s Book Club is designed to make access to books and reading a large part of the care that children with cancer receive in hospital’s. The club aspires to help these SuperKids make social connections that are a part of thriving through treatment and beyond.
Farr's Fashion ClubFFC will promote fashion as an inclusive, socially responsible, philanthropic, and multidisciplinary field through presentations, experiential opportunities, and community collaboration.
FCY ClubThe mission of FCY CLUB is to create a space for everyone to feel like they belong, to have connections with people, and to be apart of an uplifting and encouraging community. We believe in speaking life while spreading the message of Jesus!
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)The objective of this club is to provide a fun place for students to come
together and bond over food, sports, and faith. Students who come to the Huddles do not need to become members, but those on the Leadership team must apply to be on the team and approved by the co-presidents and club advisor. Furthermore, the team will find ways to serve the campus and the athletic teams throughout the year.
FHS Engineering ClubTo develop an original product and compete in the OC Maker Challenge
Film ClubThe Film Club is made to unite those interested in the art of film and expose them to new films, genres, shows, and more.
Food Around the WorldOur purpose is to explore different cultures around the wrold while meeting new people and trying new foods.
Foothill Mountain Bike ClubThe Foothill MTB Club focuses heavily on skills, fun, fitness and responsibility with a taste of competitive aspects of mountain biking. We operate under the division of NICA which was founded in 2009, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (“NICA”) develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. NICA provides leadership, services and governance for regional leagues to produce quality mountain bike events, and supports every student-athlete in the development of strong mind, strong body and strong character through interscholastic cycling.
Foothill Spikeballerzaims to accomplish the following goals: spread the passion for Spikeball, develop advanced skills for players,and make Spikeball a well respected intermural sport at Foothill
French ClubFrench Club executive officers will try their best to make this club fun and attractive. The events involved within the club will include cultural and service projects created by the club president and outreaches with organizations in the community.
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to promote acceptance throughout Foothill and create a safe space to discuss LGBT+ matters and make friends with common interests.
Global Connection Our overall goal is to expand the knowledge and understanding of
different cultures amongst Foothill students. Furthermore, we will raise funds
for specific countries we study.
Groove ClubThe purpose of Groove Club is to create a safe space where students who don't have many friends to meet new people and potentially meet people with the same interests as them. Focusing mainly on music and records.
Guitar Hero ClubTo bring students of all classes together and make friends through the use of Guitar Hero.
H2O ClubThe purpose of water club is to create a fun and exciting environment for the student body while also addressing the necessity for water conservation.
HALO ClubThe primary goal is to educate and serve children with autism to help them achieve their highest level of independence in the home, school, and community through supportive therapies
Hammock ClubThe Hammock Club offers a relaxing oasis, generally in nature, softly cocooned in a swaying hammock tied between trees. Members will enjoy the serenity of the hammock experience.
Health ClubThe Health Club is a club designed to promote health awareness throughout the school campus. Members will participate in multiple fundraising events for the purpose of donating money to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, POSNA (Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America), and other research projects. In addition, the club will host Health and Wellness Week in the Spring, whereby members distribute healthy goods to people during break for one week.
Helping Hands The purpose of our club is to help students get more involved with the community by volunteering at places that help the less fortunate.
Hispanic Culture Club The purpose of the Hispanic Culture Club is to inform students of Foothill High school about the Hispanic Culture. The Hispanic Culture Club will educate members about the Hispanic culture creating a more accepting environment towards new cultures, as well as learning about the traditions of various Hispanic countries.
Hoops For DougTo teach/ participate with the special education program (basketball games, small gifts, etc.) and ultimately honor Doug Shinoda.
Interact ClubThe purpose of Interact is to provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.
The goals of Interact are:
1. To recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
2. To encourage and practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others.
3. To create an awareness of the importance of home and family.
4. To build respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual.
5. To emphasize acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement, and group achievement.
6. To develop life skills including self development, time management, and personal finances.
7. To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve society.
8. To provide opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and understanding of community, national, and world affairs.
9. To open avenues of personal and group action leading to the advancement of international understanding and goodwill toward all peoples.
Junior Classical LeagueTo promote ancient Roman culture and appreciate the Latin language with other Latin students at Foothill.
Key ClubKey Club is an inclusive, international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.
Knights Who CareTo better every student's high school experience through community
Knit for Need, Crochet for the Cure!KNCC executive officers will try their best to make this club fun and attractive. The events involved within the club will include service projects created by the club president and outreaches with organizations in the community. More specifically, KNCC will focus on creating useful and stylish knitwear for charities, City of Hope Hospital and as participation in any national movements that may arise.
League ClubLeague Club is designed to bring people together through League of Legends, and to discuss competitive play in the League of Legends scene.
Leukemia and Lymphoma SocietyThe purpose of this club is to help raise awareness for people with Leukemia and lymphoma.
Max Love Club
The purpose of Max Love club is to raise money for childhood cancer and to raise awareness to the cause. The club works alongside Max Wilford and his family’s organization to inspire people in the community.
MEAT ClubMEAT Club was created so that friends could come together and bond over the tastes and flavors of barbecue. We create inviting environments for students to meet new friends and share time with already known ones.
Miracles for Kids Club The Miracles for Kids Club functions as an extension of the foundation itself, honoring its code and mission. We work to better the lives of children and families in need by any means possible. This will also enrich the club member with greater empathy, encouragement to be leaders, and experience in hard work.
Music Appreciation ClubSpread music appreciate through our school and community
Music Passion ProjectThe Music Passion Project is designed to serve as a platform for aspiring or accomplished musicians to spread Christian ideals to various audiences through music in the community, such as in senior homes, soup kitchens, or orphanages. However, members do not have to play an instrument to join and can simply come to events and volunteer.
National History DayTo provide students with opportunities on expanding their critical reading, critical writing, critical thinking, historical analysis, public speaking, and other skills (mostly) through participation in making a National History Day project and historical discussions.
National Honor SocietyNational Honor Society allows academically motivated and well rounded students to make a difference in their school, or community through service events each semester.
Click here for more about NHS
Open Mic ClubThe Open Mic Club shall be a place in which individuals can make friends, organize music groups, and broaden musical experience. As a contribution to Foothill High School, Open Mic Club will perform at least twice in the semester to raise awareness regarding the value of music. Likewise, groups in Open Mic Club can perform in venues outside of school so as to encompass more music enthusiasts outside of Foothill.
Outdoors ClubThe Outdoors Club is meant as a community and place for Foothill students to come together over a shared love for the outdoors. It unites otherwise unfamiliar teenagers with shared experiences and adventures, creating and fostering a greater appreciation for the world and a need to keep it clean, healthy, and positive.
Philosophy ClubThe Philosophy Club seeks to foster discussion concerning the questions of life and the universe.
Politics ClubTo educate any/all students who join about current politics
Pre-Law Club
In order to promote knowledge about the law and its consequences, the Pre-Law Club allows high school students to participate in Peer Court. Taken place during spring semester, Peer Court gives students the opportunity to sit on a jury in a courtroom environment to decide on a fellow individual’s ruling with the help of a judge and attorney. These individuals are real people who have committed a juvenile crime, and instead of going to the Juvenile Court to be judged by an actual jury, their verdict is decided by peer students in hope that they will grow from the experience and make better choices in the future. Foothill High School hosts Peer Court in the spring and contributes to society by encouraging students to learn about the law and abide by its rules. Peer Court is also open to all students who wish to watch or be apart of the jury in the case presented.
Red Cross ClubGuided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors the 2017-18 Red Cross Club, will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.
Round Earth SocietyTo debate against facts that try to prove the earth is flat.- special intrest
Science OlympiadThe purpose of this club is to encourage teamwork and unity in Foothills STEM community through competition in science based activities at a regional level.
Skateboard (Skate) ClubTo let people be able to meet others who have the same interests as they do like skateboarding because it can be hard to find other people who like the same things you do and we can learn from each other
Smash ClubThe purpose of Smash Club is to unite students in their common interest of Super Smash Bros. We also intend to introduce Foothill students to the “Smash community”, a group of people that participate in local tournaments, talk about the game, and make videos. Lastly, we want to provide a place where people can go for some fun and make friends.
SOAR (Student Outreach And Response)Our purpose is to meet specific needs within the community by assisting Foothill students and families with financial challenges, specifically around holidays.
Sports Debate ClubSports Debate Club is focused on generating serious and thought-provoking discussions about the players and organizations of each sport, providing members with a fun way to expand their debate and public speaking skills without the pressures of academics.
STEAM for All (formerly known as OC Science)Our goal is to spread interest
Stress LessTo provide comfort for students and improve mental health.
Students Demand ActionStudents Demand Action plays a vital role in addressing the pervasive un violence that has put us, the young people of America under attack, and is now the third leading cause of death of people 17 and under. We are taking the necessary actions to put the lives and safety of all Americans ahead of the interests of the gun lobby, where elected officials have failed to do so. We are mobilizing fellow high school students across the country to ensure that elected leaders enact and enforce common sense gun laws, and to promote a culture that values our lives. (worldwide mission)
For Foothill, we wish to mainly inform students who are interested in helping end gun violence and students who are simply curious as to why they should care about ending gun violence. We want to educate students on the reality of gun violence and how it truly affects our community.
TCG ClubThe purpose of the club is to create a safe, yet competitive environment where students can play their favorite trading card games. Students can exercise strategic thinking and problem solving skills while taking a break from the stressful workload of school. The club will also promote good sportsmanship and honesty.
The Grub Club The Grub Club is constructed to include the students with disabilities in all social aspects Foothill has to offer. The club desires to make these students feel like a normal person rather than a person with disabilities. Through lunches and sports events, students will get together and create special moments!
The Office ClubThe main purpose of The Office club is to enjoy the presence of our fellow knights while supporting a critical cause. The Office Club will be holding drives throughout the school year in order to collect school supplies for children in need. In order to be successful, we will be teaming up with The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center. This esteemed center is well known for their purpose to aid children living in poverty. Overall, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for all club members as we are hoping to participate in our own spirit weeks and on campus events.
The STACKSThe purpose of the STACKS is to promote a greater sense of community through the love of books. Foothill High School students who find interest in what the STACKS is trying to achieve are the ideal members. Members of the STACKS will be given the opportunity to volunteer in their community in a unique way by helping to build Little Free Libraries and host fundraisers.
Tutoring ClubThe purpose of this club is to aid students at Hewes Middle School who is struggling with any of a variety of subjects. Students may typically be hesitant in seeking help, so the goal of the Tutoring Club is to provide an environment that makes students comfortable enough to seek academic aid and subsequently be achievers in their class.
Ultimate Frisbee ClubTo teach students about Ultimate Frisbee as a game and a sport, as well as getting to know members within Foothill that share similar interests.
UNICEF ClubThe UNICEF Club functions as an extension of the foundation itself, honoring its code and mission. We work to better the lives of children in need by any means possible. This will also enrich the club member with greater empathy, encouragement to be leaders, and experience in hard work.
Vegan ClubThe intention for the Vegan Club is to spread word on the veganism movement. This club plans to give tips on how to be a teenager with a hectic school life and still fill your body up with nutrients.
World Vision ClubThe purpose is to promote fitness while helping other communities in poverty by encouraging members to run the OC Half Marathon..
Young Black ScholarsThe purpose of this club is to construct a pleasurable
atmosphere where one another to strengthen their academic, social, and
business skills.