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The AVID club works to help students achieve the goal of attending a four year college. The program equips students with college readiness skills and provides resources for them. It will enrich many students at Foothill.

Ms. Dang

Abigail Escobar

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Club is designed to get more people/students involved in the organization. Students in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program volunteer at local elementary schools by tutoring kids from 1-5 grade at least once a week. Through this, students will gain community service hours as well as have a positive impact in a child's life.

Mr. Alejo

Mindy Moran

Blankets for Wet Noses

Blankets For Wet Noses is a group that exists outside of school that was designed to collect and donate blankets, towels, and other items meant for animal use to animal shelters and organizations in the area in order to provide those animals with warmth and comfort. Bringing the club to Foothill would allow the club to collect and donate even more items through its members and schoolwide drives, and also to continue the group after the current members graduate.

Ms. Bennett

Heidi Schaefer

Blind Children's Club

To make textured cards and crafts to encourage and enhance the education of students at the BCLC. We also aim to encourage club members to volunteer at the BCLC.

Mrs. Hepinger

Amelia Ng

Business & Entrepreneurship Club

The Business and Entrepreneurship club is was created to educate Foothill students about the basics of financial planning, becoming an entrepreneur, and successfully running or working for a business.

Mrs. Kendall

Ben Cohen

Camping Club

The purpose of Camping Club is to unite all students that enjoy camping and the presence of friends as well. In this club we will go one-night camping trips with parent chaperones. This includes my parents and any other club member’s parents that wish to attend. We will also go on day trips to local areas to go on hikes, have bonfires, and go stargazing. This experience will allow for many other activities also. It will be a great way to celebrate camping and bring like-minded students together

Mr. Olmedo

Elliot Bolt

Candid Creativity

Candid Creativity as to create a fun, supportive, and non-judgemental environment where students can share their creativity and passions for whatever they create, whether it be drawings, paintings, films, photography, fashion designs and outfits, etc.

Mr. Price

Diego Lievanos

Cat Club

To promote love for cats and what we can do in our community to help them.

Mr. Hermanson

Emily Brito

Club S.H.O.C.K

Club S.H.O.C.K. (Students for Hospitalized OC Kids) is a volunteer-based organization for students seeking to aid other children in need. Students will help in a hospital environment with patients who experienced traumatizing accidents and are in need of medical help. They will also have an opportunity to donate gifts to the hospital by either making or buying them.

Ms. Duesler

Amanda Villalpondo


Our purpose is to meet specific needs within the community by assisting Foothill students and families with financial challenges, specifically around holidays.

Mrs. Duran

Jessica Patron


The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation is to encourage academically motivated students to become active in and to offer assistance to their community. Each semester, members participate in a club-organized service project for a different group in Orange County. The motto of the California Scholarship Federation is “Scholarship for Service.”

Mrs. Ivory

Anh-Tho Nguyen

Cultures Around the World

We want students at our school to learn about the different cultures and food that all of the students come from. We also want to allow people to experience the different food and ideas that different places have.

Mr. Price

Kelly Higgins

Dad Club

The two primary goals of Dad Club are to create fellowship among Foothills students and facilitate a love of the outdoors; specifically fishing and barbecuing

Mrs. Kim

Jack Pruitt

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Create a social gathering area where people who enjoy or want to get into Dungeons and Dragons can meet and plan sessions

Mr. Price

Jonah Roe

Ethan & Choco's Book Club

The Ethan and Choco’s Book Club is designed to make access to books and reading a large part of the care that children with cancer receive in hospitals. The club aspires to help these SuperKids make social connections that are a part of thriving through treatment and beyond.

Ms. Pflueger

Aya McNamee


The objective of this club is to provide a fun place for students to come together and bond over food, sports, and faith. Students who come to the Huddles do not need to become members, but those on the Leadership team must apply to be on the team and approved by the co-presidents and club advisor. Furthermore, the team will find ways to serve the campus and the athletic teams throughout the year.

Mrs. Montgomery

Sean Cunningham

FCY Club

The mission of FCY CLUB is to create a space for everyone to feel like they belong and to be apart of an uplifting and encouraging community of people who speak life and do life together.

Mr. Pallares

Ashlynn Flores

Foothill Does Government

Promote Political Science and Recreation

Mrs. Michalak

Dev Dedhia

French Club

The purpose of the club is to unite students to recognize the different culture, cuisine, and language of the French. As the only French class, we want to have students become more involved not just a class, but a place where students have fun and enjoy themselves through the french culture.

Ms. Stein

Alexa Gomez

Game Design Developing Club (GDDC)

To teach people how to code draw and little bit of making film

Mrs. McDonald-Abrahms

Shiyu Li

Gay-Straight Alliance GSA

To promote acceptance throughout Foothill and create a safe space to discuss LGBT+ matters matters and make friends with common interests.

Mr. Kavigan

Shannon Moore

Go Green

As a club, we want to spread awareness about the challenges that Earth is facing. We want to be able to make a difference in our communities as well as our lives. Members would be able to share and offer their own ideas and insights on the problems that pose a threat to our future. We would also hope for our members to participate in environmental service projects; for instance, beach cleanups, planting trees, and possibly even events to raise awareness for other people. Around campus, we would want to make a difference by trying to educate the students and faculty and try to change the unsustainable habits that some individuals partake in.

Mr. Falkin

Samantha Adams


Our purpose is to enrich the Earth with our nutrients, and spread awareness of climate change and it’s detrimental effects on our Earth in partnership with the organization Green Peace.

Mrs. Larson

Catherine Ichwan

H20 Club

To spread awareness to water conservation and hopefully make a difference in saving water.

Mr. Bell

Kelsey Adrian


The primary goal is to educate and serve children with autism to help them achieve their highest level of independence in the home, school and community through supportive therapies

Ms. Murashige

Sarah Knight

Hiking Club

The purpose of the club is to help educate people about the outdoors while simultaneously enjoying it

Mrs. Pflueger

Chloe Gober

Hoops for Doug

Created to teach, play, and have fun with Foothill High School’s Special Education program by hosting sporting events for them to participate in

Ms. Murashige

Matt Dutrisac

International Thespian Society Foothill High School Troupe 2722

Foothill High School’s Thespian Troupe 2722 is comprised of only the most conscientious, dedicated students of theatre that Foothill has to offer. Our purpose as a club is to bring the joy and lifetime skills of life theatre and performance to those in our community who would not have the opportunity to experience then otherwise. Also, International Thespian Society Foothill High School Troupe 2722 aims to claim many more rewards and merit from our completions under Foothill’s name.

Ms. Lara

Jude Henderson

Jewelry Club

The Jewelry Club is designed to help a good cause and teach others how to make cool jewelry. The Jewelry Club will donate jewelry to an organization called Dress For Success, which empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and professional attire.

Mr. Kavigan

Maddi Malisani

Key Club

Key Club is an inclusive, international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Mr. Hershberger

Lisa Pham

Knights for Christ

Our purpose in Knights For Christ is to Study and Interpret The Bible with our fellow students by going through certain books in the Bible. We also want to provide a fun and safe environment for people to gather together and help one another with their problems and just spend time with each other. Either by watching Christian Movies, talking, or playing games. Furthermore, we want to be able to bring people together, especially those that seem alone or in need of a friend. We plan to attend social events outside of school together (Events like SoCal Harvest, fairs, barbecues, etc.)

Mr. Roundy

Santiago Barajas

Knights Who Care

To build stronger relationships with the special needs students on our campus through games and community.


Isabelle Vazquez

Knit for Need, Crochet for the Cure

To assist people in need while also learning the skills of knitting and crocheting.

Ms. Stein

Michelle Parades

K-Pop Club

To meet more people with the same taste in music, and learn more about this diverse culture and music genre.

Ms. Kim

Kaitlyn Moore

Max Love Club

The MaxLove Club works with the MaxLove Project to build support and awareness for kids fighting against cancer through community involvement.

Mrs. Pflueger

Alexis Adzich

Mountain Bike Club

The foothill MTB club focuses heavily on skills, fun, fitness, and responsibility with a taste of competitive aspects of mountain biking.

Mrs. Miller

Preston Hanson


Promote and spread mental health awareness and to have a supportive community where everyone is welcomed and safe (bully free zone)

Ms. Duesler

Audrie Lozano


National Honor Society allows academically motivated and well rounded students to make a difference in their school or community through service events each semester.

Mrs. Montgomery

Miranda Chou

Once Upon a Storytime Club

Once Upon A StoryTime is a club where we will make children's books. It will help FHS students with their writing, storytelling, and presenting skills.

Ms. McDermott

Alyssa Guzman

Operation Smile

Our purpose is to support the Operation Smile organization with service projects and fundraisers while encouraging students around campus to get involved and volunteer.

Ms. Subherwal

Emily Roberts

Philosophy Club

Discuss ethical and theoretical philosophy in a relaxed, open setting. Contribute to the community through Mitzvah Meals and other homeless services.

Mr. Hermanson

Alex Florman

Pre-Law Club

In the Pre-Law Club students will learn about the structure of the American law and its processes. Students will engage in Peer Court, a process in which juveniles who have broken a minor law will be tried by their peers with the help of an attorney and judge. This offers the opportunity for a fair punishment and for students to learn about the law and ultimately encourage them that the law is on their side when it is followed.

Mr. Hermanson

Ashley Harritt

Pre-Med Club

The purpose of Pre-med club is to educate and encourage those who intend to pursue a career in the medical field.

Mr. Hermanson

Fiona Hegarty

Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club is designed to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. This will be accomplished through the organization of community service events, including blood drives.

Ms. Fisher

Megan Ly

Rotary International: Interact Club

The goals of the Interact Club is to develop leadership and to give back and interact with the community through volunteering services.

Ms. Murashige

Marvin Muy Luna

Science Olympiad

We will promote learning about science and compete in a science competition.

Mr. Roundy

Alyce Reynaud

Smash Club

To unite students in their common interest in super smash bros, introduce foothill to the "smash community, a group of people that participate in local tournaments, talk about the game, and make videos, and to provide a place where people can go fir some fun and make friends.

Mr. Cooper

Jarrett Hayes

STEAM for All

Spread passion for STEM subjects

Mrs. Ivory

Tim Jang

Stress Less

Stress Less is about learning to decrease stress and live healthier lives. We strive to create a stress free environment for FHS students. We also do monthly outings to have fun and destress together. (i.e. picnics)

Ms. Subherwal

Natalie Mitchell

Students For Seniors

To get students involved with our growing senior population.

Mr. Alejo

Emma Pran


The purpose of the STACKS is to promote a greater sense of community through the love of books.Foothill high school students who find interest in what the STACKS is trying to achieve are the ideal members. Members of the STACKS will be given the opportunity to volunteer in their community in a unique way by helping to build Little Free Libraries and hosting fundraisers.

Mrs. Flores

Mary Norman

Trading Card Game Club

The TCG Club is a club where students can play their favorite trading card games in a safe, yet competitive environment while also relaxing from the stress of school. Members can participate in tournaments and weekly free play where students can play other students of their choice. All students are welcomed to join, and any students who do not know how to play can learn from experienced players who will walk them through the rules.

Ms. Murashige

Leakhana Muth

Tutoring Club

The purpose of this club is to aid students at Hewes Middle School who are struggling with a variety of subjects. Students may typically be hesitant in seeking help, so the goal of the Tutoring Club is to provide an environment that makes students comfortable enough to seek academic aid and subsequently be achievers in their class.

Ms. Womack Williams

David Vuong

Upcycle Club

Upcycle old donated clothes to make them unique and special for the underprivileged

Mrs. Chu

Katelyn Rieth

We Dine Together

We Dine 2 is a national club that is designed to change peer behavior, in hopes of connecting students through social interaction, specifically during lunch. “No kid eats alone.” It is a student-led, in-school outreach program with the sole purpose of combating social isolation, making sure no one has to eat alone.

Mrs. Knowlton

Mo Brauer

World Vision Club

The purpose is to promote fitness while helping other communities in poverty by encouraging members to run the OC Half Marathon and raise funds for World Vision through the 30 Hour Famine as well as volunteering with World Vision.

Mr. Olmedo

Emma Lee

Young Black Scholars

Young Black Scholars is a club where students unite and plan out their future. They have the capability to gain expertise in real life situations, volunteer to benefit their community, gain social and business skills, make amazing friends, and be scholars!

Mr. Bonds

Zanai Clewis

Young Life

This club is an addition to a nonprofit organization that already meets with a group of high schoolers each week outside of school. Young Life’s mission is to invite kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process. Young Life leaders focus on introducing students to Jesus by meeting them where they are in their lives.

Mr. Jellerson

Maddie Fox