FHS Clubs

Club Rush in the Quad

Are you interested in joining a club at Foothill?

Club Rush will take place on Sept. 22nd in the Quad and surrounding areas. 

You may also contact the club advisor’s directly for more information. 

Club Name

Club President

Teacher Advisor

Teacher Advisor Email

Purpose of Club

Angel Kicks

Malaika Fortes

Martha Michalak

Angel Kicks works to collect used sports equipment to distribute back to low-income families in the community. We want to promote the benefits of sports by collecting the equipment necessary to participate in such activities.

Art Club

Kasden Phillips

Jeff Gillette

The purpose of the Art Club is to create new forms of art around the school such as painting murals or designing the lockers, hallways, etc. The Art Club's goal is to achieve presenting more art around the school.


Nathalie Torres

Kim Dang

The AVID club serves as a tool to help students be successful in school. We discuss volunteer opportunities and why it is important to be involved in our community. Alongside that, we enlighten students with college information and tips on applying.

Blankets for Wet Noses

Liam Schaefer

Sharon Kendall

Blankets for Wet Noses is a club that collects, sorts through, and donates used or unwanted blankets to animal shelters. The club will usually have one or two blanket drives a year, as permitted by the school, and do donation runs intermittently.

Book Buddies

Alison Farr

Lily Chu

The Book Buddies Club is dedicated to increasing the number of students reading for fun. We will choose a book to read each month and then meet up and discuss our thoughts, creating a positive and fun environment. Once we have finished reading we will then donate our purchased books to libraries for other children to enjoy. Along with reading the books, we will also compile a series of book recommendations that will further encourage Foothill students to read.

Business 100

Courtney Copeland

Mrs. Hepinger

Business 100 is designed to give the students of Foothill insight into the business world and potential job opportunities. Here we will be exploring different forms of business, different areas of interest, and even how an individual can create their own path in this day and age.

California Scholarship Federation

Jade Faircloth

Christine Ivory

The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation is to encourage academically motivated students to become active in and to offer assistance to their community. Each semester, members participate in a club-organized service project for a different group in Orange County. The motto of the California Scholarship Federation is “Scholarship for Service.”

Chess Club

Isaac James Robertson

Chanderika Subherwal

The Chess Club is designed to promote and teach chess throughout Foothill. We will encourage growth through effort and healthy competition. Ideally, we will improve each other and enter in tournaments while representing Foothill.

Club Care

Madison Tuley

Josh Hermanson

Club Care intends to develop and display human compassion by giving back to humankind and aiding our community. In our club, members will participate in various philanthropic activities, targeting a specific area of contribution to our society. In order to effectively make an impact regarding philanthropy and instill a greater sense of generosity, we intend to hone in on specific volunteering opportunities periodically, shifting focus each quarter of the school year. Divided into separate units, our group will focus on aiding both animal and women’s shelters, helping children, and bettering the environment. Students will develop empathy and a greater connection to the world around them through both volunteering and participating in the creation of care packages.

Club S.H.O.C.K (Students for Hospitalized OC Kids)

Amanda Villalpando

Becky Duesler

Club S.H.O.C.K. (Students for Hospitalized OC Kids) is a volunteer-based organization for students seeking to aid other children in need. Students will help in a hospital environment with patients who experienced traumatizing accidents and are in need of medical help. They will also have an opportunity to donate gifts to the hospital and participate in fun activities for the patients.


Emma Silves

Theresa Duran

Our purpose is to meet specific needs within the community by assisting Foothill students and families with financial challenges, specifically around holidays.

Compass Christian Club

Caleb Vosper

John Myung

The Compass Christian Club is designed to give students a more in-depth way to study the Bible at school.

Cookies for a Cause

Roman Umnas

Katie Spangler

Cookies for a Cause is not only for Foothill Students to use baking with their friends as a creative outlet and a fun way to de-stress, but also give back to the community and expose them to many local organizations and the impact they have.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Paige McRitchie

Maria Pineda

To play Dungeons and Dragons

Ethan and Choco's Book Club

Keira McNamee

Josh Hermanson

The Ethan and Choco’s Book Club is designed to make access to books and reading a large part of the care that children with cancer receive in hospital’s. The club aspires to help these SuperKids make social connections that are a part of thriving through treatment and beyond.


Corbin Burns

Katie Montgomery

The FCA club is a Christian based club that's purpose is to spread the message of the gospel through campus ministries, coaches and athletics. FCA is also based around lifting up and building community with fellow believers on the Foothill campus.

FHS Esports

Carter Park

Joanne McDermott

FHS Esports is designed to bring students that share an interest in competitive esports together in a competitive and exciting environment, to learn more about various games, teambuilding/chemistry, and competing. All while maintaining good grades, and leading a balanced life. The club will contribute to Foothill High School by pushing students to stay motivated, and giving the students something to look forward to.
It also provides many opportunities for growth and learning, such as the creation and practice of “soft skills,” including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Furthermore, it provides structure, interpersonal communication, the development of STEM and technical skills, and even marketing, video production, and business-related skills. Many of these skills are sought out by employers, and Esports can also provide a gateway and gets students prepared for colleges and universities.

Film Studies & Recreation

Aubrey Vanson

Josh Hermanson

The Film Studies and Recreation Club is an opportunity to meet other people, interact with friends, share loved interests of video media, and participate in the recreation of various movies, music videos, TV shows, and more. Students have the ability to create fun and lasting memories through film, whether it’s through viewing or producing.

FIRST Robotics Club

Jacob Eng

John Cooper

Expose the students of Foothill Highschool to the field of STEAM and the FIRST Robotics program.

Foothill Does Government

Dev Dedhia

Martha Michalak

Simulate a government.

Foothill Mountain Bike Club

Oliver Lenoir

Sean Hobbs

The Foothill MTB Club focuses on skills, fun, fitness, responsibility, safety, and competition within cycling.

French Club

Dara Farnoush

Samantha Stein

We have been created to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience french culture and to immerse themselves with another part of the world.

Gay Straight Alliance

Abigail Williams

Roger Kavigan

to give LGBTQIA+ youth a space to open up and feel welcome and to educate anyone who wants to learn more about LGBTQIA+ history and current events

Girlboss Club

Kate Zelko

Mrs. Womack-Williams

The Girlboss Club is a safe place to talk about women’s issues and how they affect us as young women. The Girlboss Club unites its members and helps the next generation of women be fearless, strong, and empowHERed.

Go Green Club

Mateo Vicario

Jason Falkin

The purpose of the Go Green Club is to help promote sustainability around Foothills Campus, while raising environmental awareness to encourage students to make “green” lifestyle choices.

Got Your Back Uganda

Eva Chahbazian

Justin Lewis

The purpose of our club is to fundraise money to provide children in Uganda a gift of a lifetime, education.

Green Peace

Isabella Reynoso

Danielle Saul

We promote environmental awareness and advocacy around campus and the greater OC community by working in direct collaboration with Greenpeace. Our campaigns are related to renewable energy, the prevention of deforestation, defending ocean biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and the protection of the arctic.

Hoops for Doug

Colin Holt

Sharon Kendall

Hoops for Doug is designed to share fun experiences with special education kids at Foothill High school. Teaching and playing basketball with these kids will make their days as they do not have many opportunities to play sports, especially with other peers at Foothill.

Key Club

Param Sharma

Trevor Hershberger

Key Club is an inclusive, international student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Knights at the Roundnet

Braden Ayres

Chanderika Subherwal

The Knights of the Roundnet club is designed to bring together the students of Foothill around a fun and simple game of Spikeball.

Knights Who Care

Milla Borresen

Katie Spangler

Knights Who Care is a club that interacts with the Specialized Academic class on campus! That can include anything from playing board games, doing crafts, or even watching a movie. Our goal is to make sure that they feel included on our campus, and that they know that there are Knight Who Care!!

Knit for need,Crochet for the Cure

Alexandre Caballero De Saint Aubert

Samantha Stein

To foster and to teach people a very creative and unique talent that may come in handy in their life, all projects made(scarves,hats,stuffed animals…) will be donated to charity to help others.

Martial Arts Club

Alejandro Padilla

Jazmin Zelaya

The Martial Arts Club is designed to talk about the different types of martial arts. We will help plan club visitations to martial art tournaments. We will also discuss about professional martial arts.

Metal, Rock & Blues Club

Pablo Lopez-Gallego

Samantha Stein

To discuss music of the genres mentioned, their history, how they've influenced one another throughout history, analyzing common song lyrics, to share music throughout the club as well as appreciate it, and possibly inspire others to pick up music as a hobby (which can help people cope with hard situations).

Movie Club

Zach Wheeler

Katie Goto

To enjoy movies with fellow students

Moxie Club

Stacy Aleman

Joanne McDermott

The Moxie Club is made to raise awareness to issues regarding sexism, and to also be an outlet for students to come together and show support. This club will contribute to the school by spreading positivity and equality.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Zayd Khan

John Myung

The Muslim Student Association will help create a community of Muslim students at Foothill, by holding weekly prayers as well as attending volunteering events. More information can be found here:

National Honor Society

Eileen Chen

Katie Montgomery

National Honor Society allows academically motivated and well rounded students to make a difference in their school, or community through service events each semester.

The purpose of this club is to engage students in volunteering, benefit the community through service projects, promote leadership, and give students scholarships based on their service.

Operation: Be Kind

Jaxon Bach

Josh Hermanson

Operation Be Kind was created to spread kindness to the community through volunteer work. We want to be the reason people smile who undergo hardships, health problems, or just someone who needs kindness in their life. We want to inspire and encourage people to be kind and compassionate to everybody. I am hoping to create a new chapter of this organization to make a difference at Foothill and the rest of my community.

Philosophy Debate Club

Bella Noriega

Lily Womack Williams

The Philosophy Debate Club seeks to foster discussion concerning the questions of life and the universe. We encourage diverse viewpoints in order to help widen others’ horizons.

Pre-Med Club

Nathan Sotelo

Joy Kim

The Pre-med Club is intended to educate those who are interested in going pre-med in college and to also provide opportunities to those who are curious in the medical field.

Rotary International: Interact Club

Zion Choi

Steve Bell

The goal of the Interact Club is to develop leadership, give back to the community, and to interact through volunteering services.

Science Olympiad

Courtney Beneda

Paul Roundy

The purpose of Science Olympiad as a club is to unite and prepare ourselves for the Science Olympiad Competition that takes place in February at UCI. We spend our meetings and personal time planning for the competition, making teams, and preparing in order to score as high as we can, hopefully to win a medal. The team spends time researching new scientific ideas that they are unfamiliar with, furthering their search for new knowledge on topics they already enjoy.

Smash Club

Ethan Villagomez

Katie Montgomery

To unite students in their common interest of Super Smash Bros, introduce Foothill students to the “Smash community”, a group of people that participate in local tournaments, talk about the game, and make videos, and to provide a place where people can go for some fun and make friends.

Speak to Lead

Alyssia Tan

Roger Kavigan

The purpose of this club is to help Foothill students gain more confidence in public speaking and when presenting at school.

Speech and Debate Club

Adriel Tamraz

Erica Furniss

The Speech and Debate Club is designed so that students in all grade levels in High School can come together and share their thoughts about various issues and ideas in the minds of many people today. The Speech and Debate club is not just a club, but a group of individuals, each with unique thoughts and ideas that must be heard by other students in their community to promote higher level thinking and better communication skills. By being a part of the Speech and Debate Club you are learning leadership skills that will not only increase your confidence in your ideas, but be more likely to be a leader in a future job you wish to have and a leader in the community.

Stress Less Club

Addison Cervantes Chang

Chandericka Subherwal

The Stress Less Club is all about learning how to decrease stress and live healthier lives. We will focus on good time management and taking time for yourself to relax. We will also invite all members to monthly outings to destress (hikes, picnics, etc.).

Student Activists Club

Bella Noriega

Lily Womack Williams

The Student Activists Club’s purpose is to spark and encourage student’s interests in a wide variety of social issues, such as racism, gender equality, climate change, homelessness, etc. We will then teach students how to bring these ideas to life, by educating students on how to bring their concerns to local government, local organizations, the TUSD school board. We will also dedicate time to team up with other clubs to work for a more inclusive environment in our school and communities.

Surfrider Foundation of Foothill High School Club

Gabrielle De Guzman

Jose Pallares

Surfrider Foundation club is all about encouraging Foothill’s youth to preserve our oceans’ beaches while integrating fun and engaging events.

Stocks and Investment Club

Luke Knudson

Christine Ivory

The purpose of our club is to teach people about stocks and financial investment with the hopes that the information taught to them will help for their future careers. In our day and age, knowing about what is going on in the market of business can be a major advantage to have, especially if someone is actively investing in the market, and this club will help secure that advantage to those who want to join.

The Hammock Club

Ali Shimabuku

Danielle Saul

The objective is to get students engaged with the outdoors and other peers in a safe and tranquil environment. Time after school for relaxing and de-stressing will be helpful to many students! And an easy way to meet new friends outside of the stresses of the school environment.

TPSF Teens

Rohan Kamdar

Sharon Kendall

To be the arm for high school students to volunteer for TPSF programs and events or TPSF associated events.

Turning Point USA at Foothill High School

Andrew Jones

Melinda Stebbins

Turning Point USA’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism through innovative campus activism and non-partisan, thought-provoking discussion.

Vietnamese Club

Vy Le

Chelsea Dehn

The Vietnamese Club is designed to help Foothill students experience Vietnamese culture through food tasting, vocabulary lessons, holiday celebrations, and introduction to Vietnamese history. Aside from enrichment, the Vietnamese Club aims to also fundraise and hold service events for the wellbeing of Vietnam as well as Asia.

Vocal Music Club

Abigail Tweedt

Chelsea Dehn

The [Glee Club] allows students to learn about vocal music, especially if their class schedule does not allow for choir.

Worldwide Students

Beirut Perez

Jose Pallares

Worldwide Students Club will encourage students to learn about different cultures present on their campus. Volunteer students will create monthly lessons for club members to attend that are educational and entertaining.

Young Black Scholars (YBS)

Hannah Betterton

Jeff Bonds

The purpose behind this club is to create an atmosphere in which
students can help one another strengthen their academic, social, and
business skills.

Young Life Club

Easton Jellerson

Jason Jellerson

Purpose of the club is to get people involved with younglife and have a safe space to learn about God and have fun during lunch.