Consisting of over 30 students, the FHS Leadership Cabinet implements and oversees all student activities at Foothill High School. Student activities range from assemblies and dances to awareness programs and school-wide community service. The purpose of each activity is to engage students and create a welcoming, enriched , and involved school community at Foothill High School. In addition to campus-wide events, the ASB CABINET also oversees student-run organizations on our campus in the areas of academics, politics, culture, religion, athletics, special interests, and philanthropy.


Mr. David Waibel and Mr. Mike Lee

Foothill ASB 2017
Foothill ASB at the Beach

ASB Cabinet 2017-2018

ASB President Carsten Pran
ASB Vice President Nicolette Maniatis
ASB Treasurer David Gustafson
ASB Secretary Nick Del Crognale
Boys Athletics Commissioner Zack Garcia
Girls Athletics Commissioner Ava Brand
Senior Class President Kristine Okereke
Junior Class President Maggie Miller
Sophomore Class President Laura Davert
Freshman Class President Cooper Krudwig
School Board Representative Mason Delyea
School Board Representative Jackie Telson
Activities Commissioner Emily Horne
Dance Commissioner Ryann Adrian
Dance Commissioner Riley Saavedra
Pep Commissioner Sophia LaVigna
Pep Commissioner Cameron Sotoodeh
Fine Arts Commissioner Shannon Cleary
Tech Commissioner Micah Goodwin
Tech Commissioner Makayla Hunter
Tech Commissioner Brooke Sharp
ICC President Sam Telson
ICC Vice President Alanah Calvillo
Publications Commissioner Emma Phillips
Communications Commissioner Kiana Monet Bever
Publicity Commissioner Libby Schrank
Sales Commissioner Katie Steel
Fundraising Commissioner Sonah Manukian
Elections Commissioner Erica Anton
ASB Rep. At-Large Anika Vega
ASB Rep. At-Large Kennedy Mills
ASB Rep. At-Large Caroline Laird
ASB Rep. At-Large Makena Umnas