College Dual Enrollment

Foothill High School has partnered with Irvine Valley College to offer college courses to students who have an interest in Business, Kinesiology, Sign Language or Dance. Students who take these college level courses receive high school graduation credit along with the college course credit. Irvine Valley College is currently offering the following courses at Foothill High School:

Business Pathway

This pathway is comprised of four classes - one is taken during the fall semester and three are taken simultaneously during the spring semester. Fulfills an A-G Electives requirement - each semester is equivalent to 10 high school credits. Students earn 3 college credits per semester.


MGT 1: Fall Semester

A survey in business providing a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization’s policy and practices within the US and a global society. Demonstrates how these influences impact the primary areas of business including: organizational structure and design; leadership; human resource management; organized labor practices; marketing; organizational communication; technology; entrepreneurship; legal, accounting, financial practices; the stock and securities market; and therefore affect the ability of a business to achieve its organizational goals.

 Entr 200: Spring Semester

This interactive course enables students to engage in the fundamental aspects of creatively developing frameworks of passion and purpose as a means of personal empowerment and wealth. The course promotes entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and assists students in developing a process for transforming ideas into sustainable success. Students will examine how others overcame adversity and achieved success. The course includes individualized learning assessments designed to assist the student in exploring their frameworks of thought and entrepreneurial potential.

 Entr 211: Spring Semester

 Successful entrepreneurs are able to describe how their organization creates, delivers, and captures value. This cross-disciplinary course helps students understand business model generation by examining customer segments, profitability and the process of identifying business goals, developing strategic objectives, critical success factors, and key performance indicators for entrepreneurial endeavors. Students will learn how to filter business opportunities, project whether business opportunities can be scalable, identify and validate potential markets, and estimate profitability.

 Entr 212: Spring Semester

 This course explores a variety of resources, tools, and techniques for collecting and analyzing market research data. It engages students in the process of assessing target markets, implementing a market validation strategy, and interpreting primary and secondary research to create effective plans and forecasts. The course illustrates how targeting the market can reduce marketing costs and increase effectiveness. It also discusses common marketing mistakes and the limits of market research.


Kinesiology Pathway

Completion of KNES 85 begins a pathway toward the Coaching Certificate of Proficiency and Fitness Professional Certificate of Achievement. Completion of KNES 212 is the first of three classes in the recognized university undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) sequence. This pathway is designed to give students the background needed to pursue higher education and a career in the fields of Allied Health, Athletic Training, or Sports Medicine.

 Fulfills an A-G Electives credit. Gives 6 college credits.

KNES 85: Fall Semester

 This course studies both the theory and practice of preventing, recognizing, and rehabilitating common athletic injuries. Students gain practical experience in basic taping, wrapping, and bracing. The course is designed to assist trainers, coaches, athletes, and physical education majors.

 KNES 212: Spring Semester

 This course provides practical instruction of the introductory skills in the prevention, recognition, and rehabilitation of common athletic injuries. It affords students the opportunity to study and apply athletic training techniques by assisting the IVC Sports Medicine staff working with the intercollegiate athletic teams. Students will be assessed based on evaluation standards established by the university undergraduate Athletic Training Program (ATEP).


World Language & Visual/Performing Arts

Sign 21: American Sign Language

 This course is designed to develop the student’s ability to understand and communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). The course introduces the language of sign; the manual alphabet (finger spelling); and the basic vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and conversational conventions of ASL. The emphasis is on ASL as a visual-gestural language and on the unique cultural and linguistic features of the Deaf community.

 Fulfills an A-G World Languages requirement - one full year is equivalent to two years of high school World Languages. Gives 6 college credits.

 DNCE 77: Dance History

 This course studies the history of dance in the twentieth century focusing on major themes, ideas, values, people, and institutions within a global context. It traces the continued development of various dance forms with primary emphasis on ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance (including tap dance and musical theater). The course will include some reference to other art forms and the humanities.

 Fulfills an A-G VAPA requirement. Gives 3 college credits. This course is entirely online.